Ruu. Interview with happy mag

We caught up with Ruu. to delve into Sydney’s music scene and the virtues of positive and constructive criticism

Meet Ruu., The Cultured Black Kid, immersed deep in the Sydney music scene, effortlessly juggling a tonne of creative roles — podcaster, radio presenter, musician, and multi-instrumentalist.

In a recent conversation with Happy Mag, Ruu. delved into the essence of passion and dedication, expressing a straightforward mantra: love something enough, and you’ll find the time for it. This philosophy propels Ruu.’s versatile journey, evident in the diverse roles he undertakes within the music scene.

Ruu.’s musical journey kicked off early, mastering the violin and trumpet in preschool. Influenced by his father’s iPod, 50 Cent, and classic car radio hits, Ruu. discovered his calling in hip-hop during a transformative trip to South Africa in Year 7.

Ruu.’s impressive track record includes sharing the stage with K-Sera & The Dirty Dozen in 2019 and earning the title of FBi Radio’s Artist of the Week in mid-2022. Holding his ground in the Australian music scene, Ruu. is a presenter on Triple-J Unearthed, a podcast host, personality, producer, artist, and violinist.

The Ruu.s Room podcast, featuring conversations with artists like Zion Garcia and Breakfast Road, serves as a platform to spotlight Western Sydney’s talents, covering anything and everything.

Immersed in Sydney’s music scene alongside artists like Yawdoesitall, TOOWANDA, Awa Mbaye, and Friday*. His brand is built on the pillars of positive and constructive criticism, fostering an environment of love that brings out the best in everyone and everything.

Continuing to make strides with reviews, interviews, and community efforts, Ruu. extends his commitment through The Midnight MKS podcast, co-hosted with Aswad, reflecting his dedication to the growth and well-being of the artistic community.

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Cheers to tixel for making this interview possible.