south summit

We caught up with Perth’s very own South Summit – not only the nicest and chillest band in WA, but the one to keep an eye on.

South Summit dropped into Happy Mag, to share some insights into their latest EP drop ‘Tales of the Yeti.’

Band mates Nathan, Josh, Fynn, and Nemo, sans lead vocalsit Zaya – who may or may not have been at the pub – delved into the creative process, and gave us a sneak peek into their forthcoming album.

‘Tales of the Yeti’ isn’t your run-of-the-mill EP; it’s a solid 6-track playlist, like a musical diary of the real South Summit experience. Fueled predominantly by road trips, they cooked up a collection that’s as good as it gets.

You’ll find your go-to tracks like ‘Just Like You,’ ‘I Feel It,’ ‘Tuned In,’ and ‘Sidelines’ on the EP, serving up that classic South Summit mood.  ‘Dreaming’ and ‘Fallen Friend’ also made their debut, rounding out the whole musical journey.

Crafted in their hometown of Perth, this EP came to life in the Blackbird Sound Studio, thanks to the magic touch of producer Dave Parkin. They went all out, playing with different sounds and vibes, really evolving their style.

south summit

Clearly South Summit arent ones for resting on ther laurels, and they aren’t about to hit pause any time soon. Fresh off ‘Tales of the Yeti,’ they’re already knee-deep in a full-length album. And word on the street is ‘Make It Somewhere’ just might make the cut, which if you ask us, is going to be a hit – Happy’s  got its money on it.

So, sink into their latest drop, and get ready for the debut album that’s in the works, because these Perth rockers are gearing up to leave their mark.

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Cheers to tixel for making this interview possible.