South Summit drops new EP ‘Tales of the Yeti’ and announces major Aus/NZ tour

South Summit delivers a new EP & the release of the stunning single ‘Sidelines’ – a total drop of Zaya vocal goodness.

After blowing our minds with their recent performance of ‘Make It somewhere’ at ‘Live From Happy’ in Sydney, South Summit delivers a down-to-earth 6-track EP titled ‘Tales of the Yeti,’ an exploration of their collective experiences.

With the open road inspiring their creativity, South Summit embarked on a mission to dissect their influences, resulting in the soulful ‘Tales of the Yeti.’ The EP features their hit tracks ‘Just Like You,’ ‘I Feel It,’ ‘Tuned In,’ and ‘Sidelines,’ while introducing newcomers to the compelling sounds of ‘Dreaming’ and ‘Fallen Friend,’ rounding off the musical journey.

The EP was nurtured in their hometown of Perth, under the steady hand of long-term collaborator and producer Dave Parkin. The creative process at Blackbird Sound Studio gave birth to fully-realised compositions, granting the band the liberty to experiment across genres and themes, breathing life into South Summit’s evolving sound.

Accompanying the EP release is the visual treat of ‘Sidelines’ music video, directed by Billy Zammit. Venturing into the wild, the band mirrors their musical escapade, capturing the essence of their journey.

In a nod to their fans, South Summit shares glimpses of their creative process through a candid behind-the-scenes studio diary. The photos unveil the birth of tracks like ‘Sidelines’ and ‘Dreaming,’ sprung from spontaneous jam sessions and inspired moments.

From laying down drum tracks to crafting lyrics, South Summit’s artistic evolution unfolds. The EP embraces a method where ideas are sown, nurtured, and grown. It’s the voice of a bold band unafraid to chase their collective musical spirit, resonating through every note of ‘Tales of the Yeti.’

As the EP makes its debut, listeners are invited to immerse themselves in South Summit’s sonic journey, a musical journey that is set to leave a lasting imprint.

south summit

We start off each song with a Scratchy session, jamming the foundations and form, just workshopping then until it feels right. This shot was taken while creating what we know to be Sidelines & Dreaming back in February this year.

The newest 2 tracks that we wrote and recorded from our EP ‘Tales Of The Yeti’. We’d had a jam the night before this studio block and that’s when the ideas for both songs came out. There’s something special about that, having a song that has just come to be out of nowhere. 

south summit

Here’s Nathan midway through Drum tracking. Once we get the form down this is usually the first thing we get done. This is very early on in the songs recording process as we want to lay the foundations for then the guitars and other layers can go on top. 

Check out the video and the bands forthcoming tour dates, alongside a BTS of the Tales Of The Yeti’ Studio Diary with the legends from South Summit

Writing lyrics mostly happen in the studio with an acoustic guitar, bouncing ideas off each other. Here we are writing the lyrics for Sidelines, one of the tracks written pretty much all in the studio. 

south summit

Rare shot of Parko, our Producer. Here we are talking through the songs, when they are fresh it really helps solidify the track. Bouncing ideas off each other and writing from the ground up is the way we go.  

south summit

We usually finish with vocals, once most of the layers and elements are tracked. Zaya likes to smash out his vocals in one big block right at the end, so most of the vocals were recorded very last. 



Thurs Nov 2nd La La La’s Wollongong, NSW

Fri Nov 3rd The Lansdowne Sydney, NSW

Sat Nov 4th Howler Melbourne, VIC

Fri, Nov 10th The Brightside Brisbane, QLD

Sat Nov 11th The Northern Byron Bay, NSW

Fri Nov 17th Whammy Bar Auckland, NZ

Sat Nov 18th The Loons Christchurch, NZ

Sun Nov 19th Meow Wellington, NZ

Fri Nov 24th The Rosemount Perth, WA

Feature  Photo Credit: Mark Francesca