IONA SKY are caught in the crossfire on new pop-rock single ‘Savior’

IONA SKY have lamented being caught in the crossfire on Savior, a thumping pop-rock cut that serves as the band’s sophomore single.

The single opens with the commanding vocals of IONA SKY bandmate Anna-Sophia Henry, whose delivery glistens in the sheen of a pop-star while also maintaining a grittier edge. 

While it might initially feel like an acoustic pop song — helped along by the warm strums of guitarist Simon Jupp — it’s not long before Savior transcends into something altogether more complex.

IONA SKY single 'Savior'

Punchy percussion surrounds Henry’s raspy delivery on the first verse, adding a distinct pop rock flair that later blossoms into head-thrashing revelry on the triumphant chorus. It’s here that the diversity of IONA SKY’s sound shines the brightest.

At any given moment, Savior draws from an eclectic sonic palette so broad that it becomes a genre all its own, flitting from fuzzy indie-rock riffs and dream-pop guitar melodies with finesse.

IONA SKY single 'Savior'

For his part, James Malone adds further texture to with shimmering keyboard sections, with the overall effect making Savior a true exercise in genre-hopping. 

Perhaps the one discernable sound, for those who listen close enough, are the traces of country music, not least because of the subtle twangy strings that underpin the track’s entire runtime.

Even beyond Jupp’s masterful handiwork — which somehow makes Savior feel both inviting and strident in equal measure — Henry delivers the lyrics in the vein of a veteran country singer. 

IONA SKY single 'Savior'

Here, the singer invokes a Swiftian sense of storytelling, to the point where you can almost picture her recalling the tale around a campfire.

That distinct singer-songwriter energy affords Savior yet another sonic influence. For a lesser band, the combination of sounds might’ve proven too dizzying, but IONA SKY wear their influences with a sense of cohesion and a clear ear for radio-readiness. 

What’s more, Savior goes beyond its sound to deliver an incisive story. IOANA SKY lament being the mediator in other people’s relationships, often to the detriment of their own wellbeing.

It’s a familiar tale for anyone who feels compelled to be someone’s shoulder to cry on, and one delivered with poetic candour and enviable vulnerability. 

IONA SKY single 'Savior'

You might expect such a stellar single to be the work of a veteran band, but Savior is especially impressive given that it is only IONA SKY’s second-ever release.

The trio’s debut single, Better, arrived in September, and with a debut EP set for release in early-2024, it’s clear they’re just getting started. 

Listen to IONA SKY’s new single Savior below.