Jet City Sports Club Share Top 5 Movies to Fuel Your Long-Distance Admiration

Jet City Sports Club nails the essence of unrequited love in their latest indie pop gem, “Drug Store (Waste My Time).

Aah, the old doozy of yearning for that someone that doesn’t know you exist. You know the type – the elusive crush that’s just out of grasp, the friend who’s locked you in the ‘Friend Zone’ without a key in sight. It’s a story as old as time, but Jet City Sports Club turns it into a sonnet for the ages.

Led by the shoegazey dreamy stylings of  Lilla Obradovic, “Drug Store (Waste My Time)” is a perfect drop of indie pop goodness that captures the narrative of what is it is to crush hard. Captures it so damn well, that all I want to do is go home and watch their top five films back to back, without getting my ass of the couch…  except to get more snacks and the occasional bathroom break…and in between listen to “Drug Store (Waste My Time)” again for the millionth time, because that’s how good it is.

Crafted in Glebe, Sydney, alongside producer engineer Fletcher Matthews, Lilla speaks to the process as nice and organic, which resonates, because it’s such an enjoyable listen.

“In the early stages of crafting this song, I was focused on the theme of always wanting more from a significant other. But as time went on, it transformed into a reflection on the ache and urgency to be noticed by someone you don’t really have a deep connection with – someone who might not even be aware of your existence yet.

You know that sensation, right? The one where you’ve got a crush on someone from a distance, and you secretly hope they can feel your eyes on them even across a crowded room. But in reality, it’s a bit naive because, up close, you might not even find them as appealing as you think. I guess the song encapsulates that sentiment. It’s about yearning for something that might never materialize, a dream suspended in uncertainty.” Spoken straight from the heart of Lilla Obradovic, singer/songwriter behind Jet City Sports Club.

To celebrate the single, and upcoming tour, the band has generously shared their favourite movies for those moments when longing and admiration take center stage.

Top 5 movies to watch when you are admiring someone from afar

never been kissed

Never Been Kissed 

The perfect 90’s highschool/heartthrob/comedic movie. You’ll wanna laugh when Josie’s (Drew Barrymore)  being embarrassing (as we all are sometimes!), cry when Josie gets pranked on her prom night, rally your best-sidekick when you meet Anita (Molly Shannon) and fall in love with Mr Coulson (Michael Vartan). 

fantastic mr fox

Fantastic Mr Fox 

Distraction, distraction, distraction. This movie is amazing in so many ways and isn’t a traditional lovey, piney movie! You’ll get lost in the fast paced picturesque animated action and that’s exactly the distraction you need when you’re admiring someone from afar! 

Pride and The Prejudice

Pride and The Prejudice… THE BBC SERIES!  

Mr Darcy is rude, brooding and simultaneously one of the loves of my life. How can Elizabeth be so in love with him and barely know him at all? Get the picture? Read it, watch it, binge it. You’re welcome. 

Banshees of Inisherin

Banshees of Inisherin 

Less on the romantic-love style side, Banshees of Inisherin explores the loss of a friendship and what happens after. Colin Farrell’s character loses his connection with his best friend over an undisclosed dispute. The rest of the film follows him trying to get this back, but ultimately having to admire his old friend from afar. Sadly, things don’t always work out and you may never get what you build up in your head. It’s still a beautiful and introspective journey. 



Let’s be real. We’ve all seen it and we’ll all see it again. It’s comfort, it’s Edward (Robert Patterson), it’s Bella’s melancholic obsession with a vampire, It’s in-perfect love (maybe like you pining for someone you don’t even know that well/at all?). You’ll never be disappointed with a re-watch. 

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