Jon – H22

This is the debut EP from Papau New Gineau’s* Jon! Now based in Australia, Happy has covered Jon’s work more than once before including a premier of the Like Flow  90’s throw back video we all love. With a good mix of chilled vibes and tight beats this 4 track release shows a lot of promise!

Jon hip hop artist

We finally got around to listening to Jon’s full EP after hyping him up so much in the past few months!

Trumped opens the EP with a deep spacey vibe and some very groovy beats. The clever use of horns gives the song a great vibrant edge that contrasts well with the chilled backdrop. Like Flow is a smooth tune in the vein of PM Dawn or Black Sheep. Once again the music is very chilled out while also being a heap of fun. The title track sees the drum beats take centre stage with some nice lounge music flowing by in the background. The instrumental break shows the sort of interesting sounds Jon is capable of achieving with some deep almost psychedelic textures explored. The EP closes with Jon’s strongest track Picnic.

Here he shows off his his ability to put forward an interesting and endearing sound with amazing colour. This is further enhanced by Jon’s sharp tongue that takes on various subjects over the 3 minutes with a good balance of seriousness and humour.

This is an interesting EP in that you can either sit back and relax while the spacey and lounge vibes float on by or you can nod your head away to the groovy beats and tight rapping.

*Editorial is letting this erroneous spelling of Papua New Guinea slide because it’s much funnier to say. Papaw Nu Gineawww


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