Jorja Smith announces sophomore album “falling or flying”

Jorja Smith unveils anticipated sophomore album “falling or flying” set to release on September 29.

Jorja Smith, the captivating British songstress, has just announced the imminent release of her highly anticipated sophomore album, “falling or flying.” Mark your calendars for September 29, as Jorja is about to bless us with a musical experience like no other. Get ready, happy fam!

With a glimpse into her artistic vision, Jorja has treated us to the enchanting singles “Try Me” and “Little Things.” These tantalizing tracks serve as mere teasers for what promises to be a mesmerizing amalgamation of genres. Brace yourselves for an exquisite blend of jazz, soul, R&B, and funk-laced house, as Jorja fearlessly explores new sonic territories.

jorja smith

Building upon the monumental success of her critically acclaimed debut album, “Lost and Found,” Jorja embarks on a bold leap forward with “falling or flying.” The album serves as a sonic expedition into Jorja’s mid-20s, delving deep into her musical and emotional growth. “It touches on breakups, relationships with my friends, relationships with old friends, relationships with myself,” Jorja candidly reveals. Each song becomes a personal anthem, resonating not only with her but with listeners worldwide.

The creative energy that infuses “falling or flying” flourished during studio sessions with the talented producer duo DAMEDAME* in Jorja’s beloved hometown of Walsall. It’s where her heart lies, and it’s where the magic happens. Expect nothing short of brilliance as Jorja’s artistic prowess intertwines with the passion and authenticity of her roots.

Among the myriad of voices in the British music scene, Jorja Smith stands tall as one of the most commanding. Her songwriting exudes a level of intensity and urgency that few can match. Since the release of her debut album, “Lost & Found,” over five years ago, Jorja has garnered unanimous acclaim worldwide for her evocative lyrics, powerful vocal delivery, raw emotion, and undeniable talent as a young woman navigating her way through life. In 2021, Jorja gifted us with “Be Right Back,” an exquisite collection bridging the gap between the sensation that was “Lost & Found” and the forthcoming masterpiece, “falling or flying.”

Prepare yourselves, music lovers, as Jorja Smith gears up to unveil her soul-stirring sophomore album, “falling or flying.” On September 29, the world will bear witness to an unparalleled musical journey, crafted by a visionary artist. Stay tuned for more updates and let the countdown begin!

Soak up some Jorja goodness with her Tiny Desk performance below.