Jovi Skyler delivers alt-rock psychedelia on new debut album ‘Nothing To Do’

There’s a lot to dive into on Nothing To Do, the classic rock (by way of psychedelic) album by Sydney musician Jovi Skyler.  

Jovi Skyler has released his debut album, a 10-track collection of psychedelic punk titled Nothing To Do. The project kicks off with If You Think So, which sees the Sydney musician deliver harmonic vocals and “sha-la-la” refrains atop noisy, punk-rock guitar and punchy percussion. Gradually accelerating his cadence, Skyler sings of a particularly indifferent muse, with layered instrumentation enriching the track’s otherwise sombre lyricism. 

Skyler’s commitment to exploring new reaches of rock is felt on second track Nervosa, where the singer’s quirky vocals are paired with an overall 90s feel. With his unique vocal range, which can be both screechy and deeply rich in equal measure, Skyler veers into punk territory, though Nervosa can’t be categorised so easily. 

Jovi Skyler 'Nothing To Do' album

That spirit of genre-defiance continues on Danger Land, a reverb-heavy entry that finds Skyler at his most rebellious. The track combines elements from a host of different sounds, from a slow-tempo, pop-leaning refrain to a heavier section you might hear at a soft-metal concert. Elsewhere, on Tattoos, Skyler tries his hand at fuzz rock, which is not to say the track is devoid of the noisy grumbles we’ve come to expect. 

Boasting perhaps the album’s most symphonic moments, Tattoos marks Skyler’s take on beach rock, complete with sing-along melodies and grungy guitar strums. Nothing To Do single Evergreen arrives next, and musters the infectious energy of The Chats with its screamy vocal performance and gritty production. There’s a groovy quality to Evergreen, too, as Skyler flexes a more sultry delivery in the track’s quieter moments. 

Jovi Skyler 'Nothing To Do' album

Skyler reaches all-out grunge on Never Wanted, which features the album’s heaviest guitar work and most head-banging drums. On that track, Skyler sings of being “so full of swag” in between topics like memory and truth. The musician expands his sound yet again on penultimate track Rocket, which boasts a catchy melody and earwormy vocal adlibs. “Tell me you want it,” Skyler croons, “tell me you got it good.” 

Skyler’s efforts reach their apex on Nothing To Do closer Survivor, marking the album’s clearest example of staple rock and roll. Flanked by classic guitar strums and anthemic chorus, the final track serves as the culmination of the album’s expansive sonic adventure.

Nothing To Do marks Skyler’s debut album, and follows the release of his 2020 self-titled EP. The album was previewed by the tracks Danger Land and Tattoos, among others, with fellow single If You Think So receiving an official DIY music video. 

Listen to Jovi Skyler’s debut album Nothing To Do below.