Lexi VonWest gives us a backstage look at the magic behind the music

Writing a universal message, or leaving it up to interpretation? Lexi gives us her insights

Empowered anthem writer Lexi VonWest is riding the high of her latest power-pop release Dream Girl, but not without some honest insights into the development and essence of the electric track, as well as the rest of her vibrant discography. The Melbourne raised, Gold Coast residing artist’s personal life is speckled with dusty Tonka drives and late night Shania Twain, making for a tapestry of influences that bleed into her artistry and creations. 

She weaves introspection and personality throughout her releases, and for those of us who like to dig a little deeper, Lexi has generously given us a backstage pass to the magic behind the music. Read along for Lexi’s deep-dive into Girls Next Door, and the stunning new release Dream Girl.

lexi vonwest
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GIRLS NEXT DOOR Picture this…

It’s Tuesday morning, you notice the additional cars parked out front of your house. You hear laughter and excitement, drowned out by the heavy bass beat pumping from the neighbouring building. You decide to head out front to bring the bins in, on an undercover mission to find out what is going on next door…

The girls…the girls are having a house party! But of course, you remember the invite they left in your letterbox a few weeks ago. Should you go? Is it safe? Last time they were skate boarding off the roof into the pool and doing body shots in the driveway. What could possibly go wrong?

You call up a few friends, grab your beers and head over, no real idea of the lioness’s den you’re about to enter. You ring the door bell, a sign on the door saying “Enter if you dare, close the door behind”.

Alas, the chaos, the mayhem, the excitement, it’s now 3am and the drinks are being topped up, it seems the whole week is the weekend with the girls next door.

Okay, so maybe we weren’t skateboarding off the roof, and we didn’t even have a pool, but there was definitely a lot of fun being had living in a household full of football girls, making the most of the crazy dynamic that inspired my debut single “Girls Next Door”.


DREAM GIRL Who’s that girl?

I remember laughing with my Dad about how this song felt completely obnoxious and a bit tongue in cheek while writing it, but he reminded me that it is a reflection of my experience and that others would relate to it lyrically.

So then here’s how the story goes..

I’ve been proactively single for a number of years now, its not that I think there’s no one right for me, or even that I’m not right for anyone else, I’m just enjoying working on myself and my ambitions as a singer/songwriter.

But it does come with its challenges..

There seems to be this ideology that it is more likely women who will be the ones to fall head over heels when the other party is only in it for the fun.

Well in my experience, I beg to differ. In fact, if I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard the phrase “you might be my one that got away” or “should we get married” or “how is a girl like you single” I’d be sailing my yacht through the Bahamas drinking Pina Coladas, listening to Elvis sing ‘Viva Las Vegas’.

Obnoxious, I know. Don’t get me wrong, I’m chuffed by these comments and I love the people who have said them to me, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to be anyone’s Dream Girl. Right now I’m very happy to float through life, born a Maverick walking off the beaten path. 

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