Lexi VonWest shares anthemic sophomore single ‘Dream Girl’

On her just-released sophomore single, Gold Coast singer-songwriter Lexi VonWest refuses to be anyone’s Dream Girl.  

Lexi VonWest has released her new single Dream Girl. A brooding ballad that criticises the fallacy of a so-called ‘dream girl,’ the pop banger opens with atmospheric synths courtesy of Brisbane producer, Stuart Stuart Productions.

Pairing anthemic percussion with thoughtful lyricism, VonWest sings in rich vocals of being a “solitary gypsy,” before delivering the sonic equivalent of a middle finger to her detractors: “not your dream girl, you know I’ll never be.” 

Lexi VonWest single 'Dream Girl'

Empowering lyrics are littered all throughout Dream Girl, as VonWest laments being someone’s “show and tell” while declaring that she “was born a maverick.” Elsewhere, Dream Girl features a stellar ascending bridge, with surrounding production slowing down before a final climactic chorus. 

Mustering all the energy of Shania Twain’s Man, I Feel Like A Woman, VonWest serves a power-pop anthem for the ages for her sophomore single release. Dream Girl follows Girls Next Door as VonWest’s second single of 2023, but the concept of the song arose in early-2022. The initial vocal melody comprised completely different lyrics, but was later re-jigged with assists from Stuart Stuart. 

Alongside VonWest, Stuart Stuart has produced tracks for the likes of The Veronicas and Sheppard, and can now add Dream Girl to his starry list of credits. VonWest grew up in Melbourne, but has since relocated to the Gold Coast, where you’ll find her “driving big yellow tonka trucks around a quarry, [or] at the bar dancing on the table,” she said in a press statement. 

Lexi VonWest single 'Dream Girl'

Listen to Lexi VonWest’s new single Dream Girl below.