Trent Price and Billy Raffin : A confrontation of artistic spirits

When the formidable forces of artistic prowess collide, expect nothing short of a verbal battlefield; enter Trent Price (Tetsuians) and Billy Raffin (Billy Cart).

In a clash of fiery intellects and unyielding opinions, Billy Raffin, the enigmatic Argentinian-Australian artist, crossed paths with Trent Price, the lead singer of Melbourne’s Tetsuians. The ensuing exchange was a veritable feast of biting banter, with sparks flying and truths laid bare.

As Tetsuians unveiled the music video for their bluesy, classic rock single “So It Goes,” the final gem extracted from their 2022 opus “Repairs and Alterations,” the stage was set for a confrontation of epic proportions. Billy wasted no time, immediately dismissing Trent’s appearance as that of a “dorky librarian,” thus setting the tone for an interview that spared no one’s feelings.

Billy Raffin (Billy Cart) and Trent Price (Tetsuians)

Intrigue and audacity filled the air as Billy probed Trent’s musical endeavors, questioning his readiness for ambitious projects and subtly implying a lack of maturity. But Trent, displaying a stoic resolve, deflected each jab with a wry retort, refusing to be fazed by Billy’s relentless skepticism.

This captivating clash of perspectives and razor-sharp exchanges sets the stage for a truly unforgettable musical encounter. Both Billy Cart and Tetsuians are set to take the Melbourne music scene by storm, their divergent paths converging in a sonic spectacle that demands the undivided attention of all discerning listeners.

Billy Raffin is an Argentinian-Australian artist based in Melbourne, Australia. At the heart of her practice is a curiosity for observing narratives, and a deep interest in consciousness and dreaming. She regularly performs in various bands including Billy Cart and AM Reruns and was recently an artist in residence at the King Island Cultural Centre (2022), the Chateau Orquevaux in France. Recently, Billy had the misfortune of interviewing the lead singer of Tetsuians – Trent Price.

Billy: Hello. So you look like some kind of dorky librarian. Who are you and what do you do?

Trent: That’s kind of a shitty qualifier to start an interview with isn’t it?

Billy: Who’s asking the questions here? What are you doing?…

Trent: Ah… You’re being obtuse. I respect that. What am I doing? Well I’m in a band.

Billy: Okay. Well that sounds pretty dumb. But tell me more, I guess.

Trent: Well the band I play in, Tetsuians, released our third album last year and we’re about to start recording our next one this week.

Billy: Oh okay, cool, so you’re doing quite a lot. I mean, it’s a lot for an amateur I suppose. Do you feel like you’re ready to be doing these things? Don’t you think you should wait until you’re a bit older and more mature?

Trent: I’m 52.

Billy: Congratulations.

Trent: Okay I’m not 52, but I bet you wouldn’t ask Atithi Gautum K.C. that kind of question.

Billy: I would, but she’s making real music. Civil servants have taken her music to the top of Mount Everest. Where has Tetsuians’ music been taken?

Trent: Frankston Shopping Centre. I have a friend who works in the supermarket there and slipped us into the playlist. 

Billy: Wonderful. But do you think you’re contributing much to society? I mean that in a polite way. 

Trent: I am though… Did you know the tempo of grocery store music can impact which products people buy? When background music is fast-paced, shoppers purchase impulsive items like confectionery, but slower music makes them buy fruit and vegetables. How’s that not a positive thing?

Billy: Sure, but you’re clearly just sitting around raking in Centrelink so you can write some little songs on the taxpayer’s dime. Do you think you’d be interested in a real job one day, or are you satisfied with yourself?

Trent: You know it’s illegal for you to ask me that question.

Billy: Whatever. Where’d you learn that? Sitting around browsing the Brunswick library instead of getting a job?

Trent: I’m a specialist librarian. 

Billy: Oh. How punk.

Trent: Well, depending on the specialty, I service everyone between theological societies, marine science, archivists and substance abuse librarians. They’re more punk than you think!

Billy: I can’t really tell you what to do, of course. But you should definitely have a long, hard look at yourself in the mirror and reconsider your life. Do you have any plans for the future?

Trent: Play a gig. 

Billy Cart play the Retreat in Melbourne on May 17, while Tetsuians play the Bendigo on May 18. If you’re not picking sides after this interview you should go to both.