Alexander Mills switches into holiday mode on new single ‘Meet Me In The Tropics’

“The song is giving us permission to enjoy life,” Alexander Mills says of his beach-bound new single Meet Me In The Tropics. 

Alexander Mills has released his new single Meet Me In The Tropics. A guitar-driven ode finding one’s promised land, the acoustic pop track switches firmly into holiday mode, and begins with wave sound effects to situate listeners in a sunny locale. Littered throughout the single are numerous references to vacationing, from “feet in the sand by blue, blue waters” to “riding on jet skies.” 

Meet Me In The Tropics with its lush and dreamy composition, serves as a sonic oasis, offering solace to the weary soul and granting respite from the relentless demands of modern existence. Its upbeat, yet soothing melodies gently guide us towards a state of blissful surrender, whispering affirmations of self-care and the pursuit of a life well-lived.

Alexander Mills 'Meet Me In The Tropics'

Meet Me In The Tropics transcends mere entertainment, becoming a transcendent vessel that invites us to recline, let go, and bask in the beauty of simply being.

Born and raised in Barbados but since relocated to Australia, Mills’ affinity for island life is translated on Meet Me In The Tropics, which incorporates a jungle-adjacent drum beat and a flair for calypso vocal delivery. Swelling like the oceans Mills sings of, the final chorus builds with the assist of tambourine, before erupting into a catchy earworm. 

Reminiscent of a Niall Horan track, Meet Me In The Tropics is an exercise in sonic escapism, mustering all the energy of a summer’s afternoon by the shoreline. “Most of us would love to escape to a beautiful island and relax and do nothing for a while,” Mills said of the single in a press statement. “The song is giving us permission to enjoy life, unwind and have fun.” 

“With the way society praises those who push themselves to the absolute max as the gold standard, I think it’s a bit refreshing to be told that it’s okay to unwind,” Mills added. Meet Me In The Tropics is accompanied by a music video, which was directed by Danny Dyson. The clip follows a beach-bound Mills as he plays guitar on a tree swing, before enjoying the coastline with a leisurely stroll along the sand. 

“Seaside living would be so much fun,” he yearns on the climax-building bridge, “we could build a little house away from everyone.” Meet Me In The Tropics marks Mills’ third single of 2023, and follows the release of Good Man and Wait For Me. 

Watch the music video for Alexander Mills’ Meet Me In The Tropics above, and scroll down to listen to the single on Spotify.