King Gizzard, Prolific Wizards: This guy made a 10-minute crash course documentary on KGATLW

2017 was a ridiculously massive year for King Gizzard. In just eleven months the band released four fucking albums, toured the world extensively, put on the biggest edition so far of their own festival, Gizzfest, and yesterday we reported that somehow they were going to squeeze in another album before the year is out.

To say they’ve been prolific is an understatment, and it’s something worth taking a step back and thinking about with some retrospect now that the year is almost out. This documentary does exactly that.

King Gizzard documentary

This guy made a 10-minute documentary on the insane year that King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard have had. Watch below.

It’s by Music 8, a Youtube channel that explores “why we love music and the music we love.” So far there are only two videos live, this one and a great investigation on what music does to our brain.

The 10-minute clip is half a crash course on the band’s career prior to 2017, and half a recap of the insane year they’ve had, drawing comparisons to prolific artists to the 50s, 60s and 70s, and breaking down the idiosyncrasies of each album they’ve released.

Watch it below.