Like the pantheons of old, Sun God Replica are ready to reign chaos upon their last two Aussie shows. We chat to Link Meanie about everything you can expect

After finding overwhelming success in Spain and France, Sun God Replica are counting down the days until they head to Europe for a string of rockin’ shows. Having just released their latest LP Grandular Fever, it’s a massive step for the band – international love can be pretty hard to come by.

Before they immerse themselves in the romantic languages found across the pond, we caught up with Sun God Replica’s chief shredder and vocalist Link Meanie to chat the new record, the Aussie tour dates, and how the band got their name.


Sun God Replica thrash out a brand of rock n’ roll that’s been dormant since the 70s; a full-bodied sound that could fill anything from dive bars to football stadiums.

HAPPY: Congrats on Grandular Fever’s release, what have the initial reactions been like?

LINK: We’ve had some really amazing reviews for it. I mean, some of them are quite humbling. There was so much love put into this LP that it’s great to see it’s being appreciated by press and punters alike.

HAPPY: Did the Melbourne and Sydney album launches go off?

LINK: Yeah mate, they went off like a bride’s nightie.

HAPPY: Are you going to be changing up the act for your two remaining shows?

LINK: We’re looking at working in a couple of tracks from the new EP we’ve been working on. Maybe we’ll pull out a track or two off the first album.

HAPPY: What’s going on for the rest of the year after you clean up the Eastern?

LINK: We have our last show before Europe at the retreat in Brunswick on Wednesday 15 Dec and that’s it. We head to Europe in late January (I’ll already be there from late December) for a run of shows. I get back mid March and then hopefully we’ll have a tour booked.

HAPPY: Any Aussie destinations in mind for 2017?

LINK: Ballarat…again.

HAPPY: Where did you get such a cracker of a band name?

LINK: I think Tim came up with Sun Gods In Exile but it was already used so I suggested a cynical angle by adding replica to it. You know, that whole religious plagiarism angle.

HAPPY: When was it you realised you were getting so much love in Spain and France?

LINK: I haven’t realised it yet. All the reviews are in some sort of strange foreign language. Don’t know what the hell they’re saying.

HAPPY: Are you already thinking about the next release?

LINK: We just finished mixing an EP that will hopefully be released by Grabaciones De Impacto in Spain. If Raul from the label likes it. Or maybe a joint release with Spooky. Have to see what he says. We love it though.

HAPPY: Lastly, what’s the number one reason punters should make their way to Sookie Lounge or The Eastern in December?

LINK: If you like heavy 60s, 70s melodic, garagey, freakbeaty, maximum rock and rolly tunes then this is right up your alley. It’ll be one of the last shows for a few months also. We’ll have coloured vinyl and t-shirts for sale as well.

Sun God Replica have two Aussie tour dates on the cards before they cart off to Europe. Grab all the info you need on their website.

December 2 – Sookie Lounge, Belgrave
December 3 – The Eastern