Beer, butts, shoeys: if you’re looking for sweet hangs in Sydney, look no further than Good Pash

Everyone loves a good pash, and in just over a week’s time lucky Sydneysiders will have the opportunity to enjoy a different kind of Good Pash all night long, *Lionel Ritchie voice* or at least for a sizeable chunk of the night at Happy Mag’s upcoming Issue 5 launch.

To get you all in the mood, we had a chat to the Sydney based rockers to find out exactly what you can expect from this particularly Good Pash.

good pash happy mag issue 5 launch the lady hampshire

Fancy a Good Pash? Take it from Babyshakes, Hotwheelz, Wedge and Rasorsk8, the four fieriest muthafuckin’ G’s you’ll find this side of Sydney.

With what is arguably one of the best band names going, the gals of Good Pash didn’t stop there. They up the ante with stage presence, unleashing their ultra, alter egos Babyshakes, Hotwheelz, Wedge and Rasorsk8.

“When we go on stage we like to slip into different personas to fully get in the zone. These personas are professional musicians who have been playing their instruments for decades, have the finest technique in all the land and drink a lot of beer.”

“Each of the names were individually assigned to us by fate, coming from deep inside ourselves and were only unlocked after the formation of Good Pash.”

With their names placing them at the perfect mid-point between unattainably cool rock-chicks and your 8-year-old self’s attempt at being a Power Ranger, Sydneysiders need brace themselves for a show which is promised to be anything but ordinary.

Failing to actually answer the question, but nailing mystery and intrigue – the girls of Good Pash summed up their live performances as “Messy, loud, fun, amazing, beer, sexy, prawn, hilarious, butts…”, which is sure to titillate music lovers to say the very least.

The inner west based 4-piece haven’t been behind the instruments together for long, but have managed in a short amount of time to curate a short, sexy set and a smack-ya-in-the-face live performance style brimming with catchy tunes.

If you frequent any of the best live music spots which scatter our city, you’re likely to hear them again and again and again and again. You won’t even get sick of it.

And, because I know you were curious – when it comes to shoeys…

“We’ve currently only done two, but they say third time’s a charm so watch out Lady Hampshire!”

These ladies have been making the rounds of New South Wales’ live music venues, hitting the stage at The Townie, The Cambridge Hotel in Newcastle.

And of course, they’ll be hitting the Lady Hampshire on Saturday July 29th.


Happy Mag Issue 5 Launch

8:00-8:30 – Good Pash
8:45-9:15 – SCK CHX
9:30-10 – Cosmic Flanders
11:00-11:30 – The Jim Mitchells
11:45-12:30 – The Ruminaters
12:30-1:30 – DJ Goodboy (FBi Radio‘s Lachlan Wyllie)
1:30-2:30 – Jake Stone
+ Happy DJs

We are super keen to see everyone on the night, the event is FREE and doors open at 7.30pm. Find all the finer details here.

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