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Matt Corby – The Perfect Comeback

This boy (aka Matt Corby aka Guy Smiley), has certainly been busy since he released his first song Brother in late 2011.

Matt Corby

Matt Corby faces Paranoia, a Love/Hate Relationship with LA and his Ode to Humanity in his newest single, Resolution.

The follow up EP ‘Into the Flame’ has since reached five times platinum status. Matt Corby’s single was nominated for APRA Song of the Year and reached number 3 on the coveted Triple J Hottest 100 Chart. He was also nominated for 3 ARIA awards last year, the single taking out “Song of the Year 2012”.

Considering this was only his fourth EP from a music career launched in 2009, those are some pretty impressive statistics. So it’s no surprise that the release of his newest single ‘Resolution’ has caused quite the buzz worldwide, and I say worldwide because he’s been touring the UK, Europe and the USA – oh yeah did I forget to mention that?

Corby’s been living and recording in LA for the past few months, piecing together the new material for the release. In a triple J interview he describes his love/hate relationship with the city, saying that Resolution was “written in this little dingy apartment I’ve been living in for the last few months”.

He continues to discuss how at the time he felt paranoid and afraid of the world and of leaving his apartment – these poignant feelings inspiring the tune. In true narrative structure (cheers to primary school English lessons) after the complication of a story comes the resolution, and there’s no better way to describe the mood of this incredibly touching song, acting as Corby states as “an ode to humanity and the way I want to be with other people”.So let’s get down to the actual melody shall we?

Beginning with the strumming of arpeggiated chords on the guitar, Matt’s warm and soulful tone immediately melts your ears, the complete sincerity in his voice gently ornamenting the powerful and emotive lyrics…

“So don’t you worry,
you’ll be my resolution
characters of no illusion
You will be my resolution”

The song is slow building, and the addition of the backing vocals and numerous layers of instrumentation helps the melody reach an incredible climax, Matt’s signature vocal cries and growls never failing to make those hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

Then, just when you think the song can’t get any better, most of the busyness within the music strips away giving the melody full attention, and Matt’s patience and tenderness with each word he sings is what leaves the warm feeling in your heart when it unfortunately ends.

I was in the car when I first heard Resolution play on the radio, Matt introducing the song by saying that it should be listened to with headphones on because for him this song has the most character and blend of different layers and sounds. Clearly everyone’s listened to his advice because the song has taken the music world by storm, reaching #4 on the iTunes Downloads Chart and securing sold out shows in Sydney and Melbourne of his national tour that began last week in Perth.

As well as this he’s been booked to play at the Glastonbury Festival 2013 AND has a debut album ready to come out later this year… and if the music is anything like ‘Resolution’ it’s sure to catapult this Aussie folk and blues singer straight into stardom.



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