I’ve always had a musical soft spot for our delightful Kiwi neighbours. To me, they have always been the friendliest bunch, they make amazing ice cream and their lands look like Middle Earth*. So, all things considered, I was pretty stoked to be listening to kiwi boy Moppy, aka Thom Burton. He’s an Auckland local who’s pumping out some pretty distinctive tracks.

Moppy released Mokai, a killer album consisting of 10 songs with each track as twisted as the next. He cranks these bold foundations with bits and bobs, layering the shit out of them. Ideally you’d hear them in some sweaty underground party, leaving you feeling pretty whacked out and dehydrated.

moppy band

Auckland based producer Moppy has just released his new album Mokai, 10 tracks that keep it twisted, layered, and even a little bit ghetto.

Tracks like Big Bad Wolf have what comes across as animalistic beats, reminiscent of a fucked up voodoo sacrifice ceremony. Combine this with the digital squeals and samples of modern electronic music and you’ll begin to get a feel for what Moppy is all about. On top of all this madness, the vocals used on the track bring a Santigold-esque eclectic ghetto quality that ties the overall sound together. Moppy has created this jolty, authentic quirkiness that reminds me a little of Late of the Pier, and I think it’s brilliant.

Another standout track is Holding Grenades, Feeding Whales, which kicks off with distorted electro-pop vocals transfixed with rhythmic, pulsing beats and ends by embracing a cooler hip-hop vibe.

The album the whole is a whirlpool, where tribal punk and electronica meet an edgy, scattering dub addiction and it’s definitely something I’d recommend you check out.

*Well… one could argue that they now are Middle Earth and probably will be hence forth no thanks to one Peter Jackson. Oh and for all you Lord geeks, be sure to check out the Blu Ray extra features on the Hobbit. Mind blowing!



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