Can’t You Tell”: Mr Rhodes’ Intoxicating call to break free from the 9-to-5

Mr Rhodes delivers a soulful blend of classic hip-hop and experimental electronica, inviting listeners to break free from the shackles of the daily grind and find their own path.

Mr Rhodes blesses us with his latest single, “Can’t You Tell.” Embracing the cosmic beauty that surrounds him, this soulful musical alchemist brings an introspective yet fly as fuck vibe to the table, seamlessly blending old school hip hop classics with futuristic soundscapes.

In “Can’t You Tell,” the lyrics serve as a manifesto for anyone who has ever felt suffocated by the mundanity of the 9-5. The track is a triumphant celebration of liberation, a call to escape the monotony of office life and find one’s own path.

mr rhodes

With lines like “One day imma walk off / This eats my soul / Imma run now / Pick up and go,” the song encapsulates the frustration and disillusionment that can come from being trapped in an unfulfilling job. 

But Mr Rhodes doesn’t simply wallow in negativity. Instead, he offers up a solution: “Make room for the waist hips to the side / Hands making space I can tell from your smile / You found the right place and it brings you to life.”

This is a song about finding one’s own joy and energy, despite the constraints of the world around us. It’s a message that resonates with so many of us who have felt trapped in a daily grind that seems to go nowhere. But with “Can’t You Tell,” Mr Rhodes offers a glimmer of hope and a reminder that we have the power to break free and find our own path.

Listen below:

As one of the founding members of the legendary Teddy Lewis King trio, Mr Rhodes has been honing his craft as a prolific lyricist and producer for years. From  2019’s “wondrous” to the masterful “Fear and Loathing” in 2022, this Bundjalung musician has consistently delivered genre-defying works of art.

And if that weren’t enough, Mr Rhodes is set to open for the legendary Winston Surfshirt at their upcoming shows in Sydney’s iconic Mary’s Underground.

It’s clear that Mr Rhodes is at the forefront of the new global sound, and his voice is one that demands attention.