Nat & Jono create pure magic on We Can Only Laugh

Every now and then you stumble across something really special. Well, luckily for you, today is one of those days. Everybody, meet Nat & Jono.

nat and jono

With beautiful folk songs about growing up with one another, New Zealand duo Nat & Jono are guaranteed to warm your heart.

NZ duo Nat & Jono have been writing songs together since they were just seven years old, and in that time they’ve developed an incredible synergy. Their respective voices are like adjoining pieces to a puzzle.

Their debut EP We Can Only Laugh has the playfulness and innocence of childhood, but with an adult grasp of songwriting and emotion. In their simplicity and purity, Nat & Jono will absolutely capture your heart. Their songs are beautifully genuine, with an emotional depth well beyond their years.

Oversized Ring is an uplifting and heartwarming entrance, introducing to the divine harmonies to come. It’s possible to distinguish the influence of Angus and Julia Stone, yet there is a purity that makes them something so different.

Each song reflects on different memories of childhood, and the further you progress through the collection, the lyrics become increasingly contemplative and melancholy. By the time you reach 6 Dollar Shirt the topic of heartbreak takes over and the swelling chamber of echoes will have you on the brink of tears.

Do yourself a favour and listen to We Can Only Laugh below.