Needle In The Hay Spotlight: Jamie-Rose and Malikai Motion


Jamie-Rose and Malikai Motion, based in Australia and Canada respectively, epitomise the way contemporary creativity can operate across borders.

Australian fans may know Jamie-Rose for her seamless blending of heavy, trap-inspired beats with delicate, alt-pop-esque vocal lines. Based in Brisbane currently, she’s spent the last few years carving out a space for herself in the local industry.

But it was when she toured to New York that she met Malikai Motion, a Canadian artist who was also on tour in the Big Apple. They hit it off immediately, and that relationship has flourished into a creative partnership encompassing a string of singles, an album, and a brand new collaborative project.

No Time For Love is the album they dropped this year, littered with guest spots, thundering percussion, and gorgeous hooks sung by Rose and Motion alike.

Toronto was the song Rose entered into Needle In The Hay, a catchy number also featuring Perth artist Figuero Jones, who ducks into the track for an echoey verse. It’s a wonderful example of how artists fearlessly continued to operate in 2020, confined to their homes yes, but collaborating across states, countries, and oceans nonetheless.

With No Time For Love done and dusted, Jamie-Rose and Malikai Motion have now turned towards an entirely new project, apltly named Rose Motion. It pushes the pair’s sound in a distinctively new deep house direction, hits made with dance floor euphoria in mind.

Keep up with Jamie-Rose here, plus Malikai Motion here.


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