Needle In The Hay Spotlight: NOT A BOYS NAME



A well-seasoned force in Aussie music, NOT A BOYS NAME makes air-tight indie pop calling back to the 1980s’ wildest innovators.

Dave Jenkins Jr. may not be a name you’ve heard out loud, but you’ve definitely heard him play. The multi-instrumentalist has appeared on a ton of stellar releases, from Alex Cameron to Lisa Mitchell. Once, he even pretended to play keyboard with Enrique Iglesias.

As NOT A BOYS NAME, he coalesces these years of experience into a sharply-dressed breed of indie pop. It’s quirky and undoubtedly catchy, left-of-centre enough to appeal to hordes of internet-dwelling pop fiends and indie darlings alike.

NOT A BOYS NAME entered an unreleased track into Needle In The Hay, so sadly we can’t show it to you. He did, however, recently release a banger of a single named Fuck It Up alongside Bec Sandridge just last month.

Describing the new one, Dave shared:

“This song is about the consequences of working with your friends. When you become too involved… too close. I tried to write music with a good friend of mine and it all went wrong.”

“The experience was really toxic and resulted in a few nasty phone calls (and the end of our friendship). The lyric ‘why’d you go and fuck it up?’ is directed at both of us. I still don’t really know who fucked it up… it was probably me.”


But wait, there’s more. Beyond Fuck It Up there’s the chuggy debut single Hazard Perception Test, the anthemic Raise The Alarm, and plenty more fun to be had in the NOT A BOYS NAME court.

Start your adventure wherever you please.

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