Oh Reach promise big things with debut single The Girl In The Yellow Dress

If you haven’t heard the name Oh Reach yet we wouldn’t blame you, the band only entered the public domain a few days ago. Oh Reach is Simon Relf (The Tambourine Girls), Terry Serio (who amongst many other things is an avid political Tweeter) and Marcus Gordon (Spookyland). The Girl In The Yellow Dress is their debut single produced by the legendary Tony Buchen and it is a collaboration of epic proportions.

Oh Reach

A collaboration for the ages, Simon Relf , Terry Serio and Marcus Gordon are Oh Reach, and The Girl In The Yellow Dress is a brilliant debut.

A “One, two, three, four…” leads us into a guitar sound from a bygone era. A steady pace, the kind you could waltz to, sets the tone for Oh Reach’s first single. Immediate in its sense of nostalgia both tonally and lyrically, we are introduced to our heroine, the girl in her yellow dress. Gordon’s voice rings clear like a supreme storyteller. Filled with twang and gut, he drawls out a story of a girl he once knew. Marcus Gordon, frontman of Sydney outfit Spookyland, has been steadily building up quite a reputation as a gifted storyteller and wordsmith. Spookyland’s debut single The Silly Fucking Thing was met with high praise and some serious viral traction upon its release in early 2014. His voice, distinct and memorable, is the kind that will get under your skin, and linger in your head long after the music has stopped.

Drawing obvious comparisons to Bob Dylan and The Tallest Man On Earth, Marcus somehow manages to hold his own among such high company. Where The Silly Fucking Thing appears to be a song born from the grips of heartache, The Girl In The Yellow Dress offers perspective through reflection. Beautifully understated harmonies give weight to poignant lyricism with lines such as, “If they could reach any higher, they wouldn’t be liars, might even be somethin’ to take home,” rings true as if spoken straight out of the prophets’ mouth. The production (Buchen) of the song has a really organic sound to it. Deep and warm, it feels like an instant classic, ebbing and flowing whilst still elating the listener without their realising they had been lifted in the first place.

Terry Serio’s entrance into the song, is bathed in drama. It has this real Nick Cave Where The Wild Roses Grow feel to it. Reflective and entirely in control, Serrio croons out advice from our heroine. It’s no surprise that Serrio brings an element of dramatic flair to the equation, not only as an Helpmann award-winning musical theatre performer, but as an accomplished singer/songwriter and presenter on FBi Radio where he covers all things independent theatre. Serrio’s part is slightly on the darker side of the spectrum than Gordon’s, complemented by delicate piano work and dark noodling guitar parts.

Their debut performance is set for the 3rd of June at Oxford Art Factory as a part of Vivid Festival, I dare say it will be a pretty spectacular show.