Poetry at its best with Holy Holy and When the Storms Would Come

If seeing ‘Holy Holy’ flash up on your screen propels an image of God (a.k.a Eric Clapton) into your mind, you’re on the right track because with their debut LP When the Storms Would Come these two Aussie songbirds have intertwined just enough guitar, and poetic lyricism to shock the body into thinking it’s in heaven.

Holy Holy When The Storms Would Come

Poetic lyricism, harmonies and enviable guitar chops is what awaits on Holy Holy’s brilliant debut record When the Storms Would Come.

Despite their self-proclaimed love for Dire Straits having left a lasting effect on each track, Timothy Carroll and Oscar Dawson have successfully moulded their sound into something unique and spirited. The most spirited of the record Outside of the Heart of It showcases folk and contemporary soft rock riffs intermingling with swift drum beats and lyricism that swirls around the music slowly as the track takes its place; “Leave me down at the heart of it”.

The recurring use of loneliness, love, and the human condition as themes secure this album as of the foremost impressive for first timers I’ve heard in a while. The overall aura of the record forces images of rolling Californian deserts and long road trips with acoustic guitars in tow, to drift across the mind.

The Crowd is by far the darkest of the songs featured, beginning with a haunting piano riff, vocals that wrap around every word being sung to truly evoke a sense of imagery and eerie lyrical arrangement; “Your shotgun running out of shells, the windows will not hold them back” the track is one giant concoction of ballads that heighten at each point.

A Heroine stands out as the most evocative. The harmonies to be heard, compliment continually as the Santana-esque solo erupts lightly into the musical atmosphere enshrouding each poetic, almost political stance being whipped around as seen with “Boats to move us and screams to soothe us“. It is a contradictory brew of words that when placed together show the full extent of the boys’ song writing abilities, and simultaneously giving the record a deep integrity.

When the Storms Would Come is truly a masterpiece put together and perfected by two of the best troubadours Australia has to offer. There’s no denying that the duo are embarking on a musical journey much greater than the sum of their parts – they ooze talent beyond their years and if their debut LP is anything to go by, they’ll be plucking on guitar and heart strings all over the planet in no time.