PREMIERE: Array explore new sonic territories on ‘The Dark Side Of Summer’

We’ve been fans of Array for a while now. Since dropping their debut EP Save Face last year, the Sydney outfit have quickly carved out a unique pocket for themselves in the Australian indie-rock scene. Each single they’ve released since then has further established an undeniable talent for melody writing; each of their songs burst with huge choruses and dynamic, pulsating verses.

While their newest single The Dark Side Of Summer still fits this brief, it also sees the band step in a completely new sonic direction. We’re stoked to be premiering it for you today.


On their new single, The Dark Side Of Summer, Sydney-based outfit Array deliver a slice of dark, pulsating indie-electronica.

With ghostly vocal harmonies and rich instrumentation, The Dark Side Of Summer begins in a similar vein to their previous single, Memories. The further you venture into this new tune, however, the starker the comparisons become. A brooding club-style beat drives this glitchy, electronic-tinged song into entirely new spaces. Although the stabs of acoustic guitar keep the track grounded, it ultimately plays out like a warped EDM track.

In fact, the song’s title captures this energy perfectly. If you imagine past summers, soundtracked by thumping electronic songs and fuelled by dancefloor romances, this new single captures the underside of this culture. It still feels like a party, sure, but there’s something sinister lurking beneath the song’s surface.

The result is a song that will pull you in deeper with each listen; a dark and immersive indie-electronic gem.

This is just the latest in a string of consistently great releases from Array, building upon their penchant for experimentation. If Dark Side Of The Summer is any signifier for what the future holds, we can’t wait to hear what they deliver next.

In the meantime, do yourself a favour and listen to the new single above.