PREMIERE: Flight To Dubai navigate post-apocalyptic badlands on Crycentennial Man

I imagine a future in ruins; decrepit buildings littered through post-apocalyptic bandlands. And from speakers perched upon these structures, I imagine the music of Flight To Dubai blasting at full volume. “Fuck the future, I just do what I can,” frontman Atlas Abell growls in the band’s latest single Crycentennial Man—and yes, fuck the future indeed. We are all merely doing what we can, but of course, it’s our own actions that will inevitably lead to this dreaded future.

On their new video for the aforementioned Crycentennial Man, the four members of this Sydney-via-Newcastle based band find themselves neck-deep in the post-apocalyptic wasteland towards which we’re all heading. But never a crew to go down without a fight, this video is about finding an escape.

Flight To Dubai are planning their escape from an inevitably horrible future on their new video clip for Crycentennial Man.

Directed and editied by Jamieson Kerr (the same man behind all of Crocodylus’ music videos), this new clip plays out like a surreal, and ever-so-slightly nightmarish, projection of oncoming times. With all band members dressed in custom C labelled space-suits, there’s a bizarre energy right from the get-go, though as the song unravels itself, so too does the overarching story.

Flight To Dubai are stuck in the wreckages of a formerly great world. There’s wonder and fear, a desire to escape—or perhaps a desire to return home. The group venture around this strange land, collecting materials, constructing—maybe repairing—their escape route. Of course, things don’t exactly go to plan—because, of course, things rarely do.

Considering the current state of the world, disaster almost certainly awaits us. Your neighbourhood will soon look not too dissimilar to the scenes depicted in this new video clip. That doesn’t mean we can’t strive for something greater. Fuck the future.

Watch the new video for Crycentennial Man above, and catch Flight To Dubai live at any of the following dates:

October 25th – The Cambridge, Newcastle
October 26th – The Chippo Hotel, Sydney
November 1st – The Barwon Club Hotel, Geelong
November 2nd – The Old Bar, Melbourne

More info here.