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PREMIERE: Soulful, catchy and daring, Brother Brad come out swinging with their debut track Get Around

Even for listeners who aren’t particularly inclined to the big band, soul leanings of Brother Brad, it’s impossible to deny the allure of acts like theirs.

They may not compose within Australia’s most popular genre space currently, but bands like The Cat Empire or our growing list of neo-soul globetrotters have proved that there is a dedicated and swelling list of jazzy symphonistas getting around, especially in Sydney and Melbourne.

Brother Brad are amongst the newest and most exciting signees to the club, bringing a unique concoction of reggae, pop and rock to the table with their debut single Get Around.

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Blend every fun-loving genre under the sun with Get Around, the punchy, catchy and surprisingly defiant debut release from Sydney’s Brother Brad.

Musically Get Around is a foot-tapper of monumental proportions. It’s rare to find a song in which every instrument offers their own catchy hook, but somehow this poppy division of labour floats through with easygoing effectiveness.

No singular part of the track stands out as an ultimate ear worm, rather each members’ provision teeming with addictive potential. And despite this seeming over-dedication to being catchy, the mix never feels too crowded.

Underneath it’s happy exterior, Get Around actually bears a rallying call to fellow musicians and music fans around Sydney. It’s a middle finger to the lockout laws and their choking effect on Sydney live music, and it couldn’t come at a better time.

Brother Brad joins a long list of musicians preaching the same negativity and distaste to how lawmakers are suffocating music in their city. Hopefully after long enough, and after enough voices join their tumultuous choir, something will be done about it.

For now though, you can do your part for Sydney and Brother Brad by jumping down to their Get Around single launch on March 10 at Oxford Arts Factory. Find all your details here. 

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February 27, 2017