Thank God we’re finally safe, where would this youth-overrun country be without lockout laws to protect us?

Everywhere you look you see some blurry eyed stoner, or worse, some coke addled ex bar owner complaining about the liquor legislation in NSW as if it’s only just become a thing. The media landscape at the moment is awash with droll misinformation regurgitated by the idiotic youth and their enabling father figures in the bar owners, promoters and musicians of Sydney.


Can’t fight against the youth they say, or can we? The results are in and lockouts are making the world a better place, one bored twenty-something at a time

These are the people who’ve made a healthy buck feeding off the drug abuse, death and violence radiating from certain parts of Sydney under the guise of a “night time economy” for years, constantly bringing out the undesirable youth with their Violent Soho T-shirts and their desire to get out and get dirty with the next Tigerlily under a DJ booth.

The way they’re all carrying on in March 2016 is as if they all forgot that the lock-out laws existed; as if they all collectively woke up from their come-downs, hangovers and debauchery that was the New Year through Australia Day month-long-binge the youth love to indulge in over summer and had forgotten that these laws have been in place for two years! Two fabulous violence free years! But that’s what a lifetime of bong smoke can do to the long term memory of 18-30 year old males and females of Sydney’s disgusting club going public.

At this point it’s hardly a debate. The data is in as clear as day and Mr Baird has taken an incredible beating (and deserves our utmost respect) for sticking to his guns and standing by the black and white facts presented in his most recent report. Numerology and basic logic aren’t usually the expertise of a zombie youth with over pronounced thumbs from swiping right and sexting. Facts are that the lockouts have worked. Cry those come-down tears Sydney, the party’s over.


I think they haven’t gone far enough personally. No drinks after 3am on a Sunday morning? This is Sydney not Sodom; they should be in bed by at least 12am so they’re fresh faced and respectable for church in the morning. Its beggar’s belief to think that all these kids arrive at church after 4 hours sleep. This is all basic level headed licensing restrictions that every city in the world has.

The last thing anyone wants is to turn Sydney into a hedonistic playground for sexual predators and wannabe musician with suicide statistics like New York or Berlin. Besides, these laws only affect Sydney’s CBD. We are talking about the Central Business District; a place designed specifically to centralise businessings. This is a place for business not for steroid fuelled fuck-fests on dancefloors and punch-ups in fast food queues.

The majority of the bars within the lockout zone were staffed by young uni student types with their Tinder and their “caps” and “bags” (two words that meant something very different back in my day) being employed by and run by coke-addled uni drop outs that have climbed the ranks of the bar world off the back of one night stands, discriminative entry policies and underpaying backpackers.

The glorified sense of responsibility and entitlement handed down to these business owners should be a crime unto itself; these people have no respect for human life, they sell death daily through their vodka Redbulls and cheap entry before 12am to their STD encrusted dance halls. And the staff? Well they should be studying! No wonder there is a skill shortage in this country and all decent jobs are going overseas! Sorry – I digress. It all just ruddy well grinds my gears.

NSW treasurer Mile Baird arrives for the state and federal treasurers meeting in Canberra, Thursday, March. 28, 2014. (AAP Image/Alan Porritt) NO ARCHIVING
(AAP Image/Alan Porritt)

Oh and another thing that gives me the willies hearing “musicians” complain about the laws and restricting venues. The Opera House hasn’t had an issue? Maybe it’s time you unplugged your instrument and made something a little more civilised. And I’m not an old fuddy duddy here, I love good old fashioned rock but it doesn’t exist anymore because the kids these days are lazy.Back in my day bands would be floating around town doing 2 shows a night.

One over in North Sydney and then you’d jump in the van and head out over and do another one in the city. Music was everywhere. Then all of a sudden music was nowhere. The musicians gave up so the publicans had to bring in pokie machines to cover the gap left by a music industry obsessed with heroin, grunge, flannel and shooting themselves in the face.

The musicians have brought this on themselves with the violent community they attract and the drug du’jour being meth, a drug that keeps them up all night, vomiting in cabs and fighting on public transport. And the transport system is breathing a huge sigh of relief. The amount of unsightly cabs in the Sydney CBD has dropped because there is no need for them. This frees these poor souls up to spend more time with their families and fighting against the socialist Uber regime.

We are lucky to have The Star Casino. The Star is a shining example of an organisation coming together with the local and state government to build pathways to attract these undesirable youths away from the streets of Sydney and into the warm embrace of an organisation that truly cares. Combining food, entertainment, drinks and games, The Star is a clock-less extravagant wonderland that has been operating as a quasi-rehabilitation centre for these lost youth seeking a safe haven from the once troubled streets of Sydney.

You can find no safer venue with the wellbeing of their patrons being of paramount importance to the staff there that they are seeking legislation to be passed that would absolve the venue from any liability resulting in their strong armed execution of their house policies. Might sound like tough love but kids these days are soft.


The unwavering focus and energy put into this movement by the NSW Government needs to be commended. When an innocent man was knifed on the streets of Sydney’s Inner West (not within lock out zone might I add) in December of last year by a dangerously mentally ill man did the Government address the need for better support services and housing to the mentally ill? No! They kept their head down until Christmas hoping it would all blow over allowing them to focus more of their energy on the real issue at home; making sure that Q Bar never comes back and that a glass of scotch has to be mixed with a predetermined amount of coke before it is legal to be sold. For the safety of the people of NSW.

And that is what this is all about; our safety. I feel safer now because of these lock out laws. Sydney is a safer place for me to traverse now. Come to think about it, I might actually go to Kings Cross now! I mean I’ve never really spent ANY time in any of the establishments within the lock out zones.

I’m more of a glass of chardonnay at my local suburban pub on a Friday night type of guy. It’s my wife really, she doesn’t like late nights you see. But that being said, it makes me feel so much better that the next time I pop on over to the State Theatre for a show or see a bit of chamber music at Angel Place that when my wife and I walk back to our BMW at 10:30pm at night that the streets will be completely empty of undesirables short of some dim witted vagrants asking for change.

I will get into my car knowing that the New South Wales Government has done a wonderful job of making Sydney a better place. Plus I’ve always thought that owning an apartment in Kings Cross or right on Oxford Street would be great for work. Remind me to get my agent to get a valuation on my current house, I wonder what I could get for it. I also must remember to donate some more money to the Liberal Party, maybe they can introduce me to their developer buddies and I could be first in line when they move in.

I am the silent majority and I support the Lockout Laws.