Weed, aliens and glowsticks in Zac Slater's Moon Mission

PREMIERE: Weed, aliens and glowsticks collide in Zac Slater’s new clip for Moon Mission

Ever thought that whatever you do with your mates on a Saturday night would actually make a pretty fucking great film clip? It’s usually a stupid, drunken idea, but this is exactly the thought process that I can imagine would have been going through Zac Slater‘s mind when he came up with the idea for his video for Moon Mission – and for once it actually paid off. If a track has a party vibe, why not shoot a clip of you and your mates partying? Even if your mates like wearing glow-in-the-dark alien suits. And let’s face it, we all have mates like that.

Zac Slater premiere

Watch the bizarre mind of Zac Slater at work in his clip for Moon Mission featuring weed smoking aliens and a shitload of glowsticks.

Since moving from Launceston, Tasmania to Melbourne to pursue his budding music career back in 2014, Zac Slater was caught up in a whirlwind of buzz. The man dabbles in dub, psych, hip-hop, folk and a little bit of rock ‘n’ roll, finding him land support slots with the likes of Sticky Fingers, Thundamentals, Phil Jamieson, Kingswood and Bootleg Rascal – a pretty promising start to his career if you ask me.

Moon Mission is his latest single. All instruments and vocals were performed by Slater himself – a testament to the man’s vast skill set and immense talent – with producer Roberto Giddio lending a helping hand with producer duties, helping Slater to mould his unique sound in his home studio in Caroline Springs, Victoria. The track is an all out party tune, with dub influences seeping through delicate rhymes and Slater’s vibrato croon. There is an intensity looming behind the track’s party vibes with shredding guitar dripping with reverb that aids the track in building a steady ascent before dropping off to a spacious close.

The video compliments the song perfectly, with a seediness looming behind the inherent good times that play across the track’s three and a half minutes. Slater makes his way through a dark, wet alley to a cracked doorway with a fluorescent glow seeping through – the source being a bunch of whacked out aliens who entice Slater to hang with them – fun ensues. Slater sings into a glow-in-the-dark microphone with his newly acquired alien mates lurking behind. They share a smoke before things start to get smokey and blurry.

Speaking about the lyrics, Slater has said “‘what’re you thinking of drinking I got a plan I think we should leave here soon…’ was created in my mind whilst kissing a very special person. Rather weird, midway I stopped, got up and walked straight to my guitar and just started singing.” The man is a hotpot of talent, with a long ride ahead of him. He’d better buckle up that space helmet.