Cops chased a Melbourne teen driving a motorised Esky full of weed

A 17-year-old was caught driving a homemade ‘weed wagon’ on the streets of Melbourne. He was chased down via helicopter by police.

On Saturday, Victoria Police were led on quite the wild goose chase around Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs by a teenager who was riding around in a homemade, motorised drug chariot. The vehicle comprised a traffic sign, two shovels and an Esky containing bags of weed.

As reported by 9News, a series of phone calls were made to the authorities by puzzled residents the boy had zipped past. Eventually, a police helicopter was dispatched to track him down.

Credit: Victoria Police

Once they finally caught up with the teen, they seized his proclaimed “mobile marijuana unit.” Its contents included a bong, electric scales, and of course, drugs.

Feeling as bewildered as the onlookers he rode by, the Victoria Police posted a picture of the teen’s self-made weed wagon on Facebook.

Credit: Victoria Police

Understandably, the post generated several comments from both puzzled and impressed viewers: “Sounds like a skit from The Chaser,” commented one person.

“You couldn’t make this up,” stated another.

Credit: Canva

Evidently, it was a pretty bizarre and risky move for the teen to orchestrate all of this. In all honesty though, we’d be lying if we said weren’t somewhat impressed by his guts and innovative mindset. We’re hoping the cops give him some brownie points for at least that!

As far as we are aware, the 17-year-old local is still being dealt with by the authorities, but no formal charges have been pressed against him as of yet. We’re keeping our eyes peeled for more updates on this impending case.