Sans Rival shimmer with moody new single Noise

From the Blue Mountains to the Big Smoke, Sans Rival prove that their faith in themselves was worth it with the seductively gloomy Noise

Building off the back of their first single releases, Sans Rival teem with confidence and allure throughout Noise; an indie fusion track that wears its influences on its sleeve.

Taking inspiration from 80s gothic, 2000s Brit Pop and Australian Indie, Sans Rival have managed to create something with unique flavour and appeal.

sans rival review

Formed during late high school, Sans Rival cut their teeth in their local scene, refining their sound and gaining invaluable experience.

Their previous releases No Hard Feelings and Give Me The Night created a bed of anticipation for Noise to appear upon, the group’s most affective single to date.

Produced with an immense clarity and sheen, Noise is speckled with moments of intrigue and excitement from the outset.

Led by an effusive guitar riff, Noise is topped with punchy melodies and a theatrically charming delivery.

The track feels familiar, like a classic in the making. Distorted bass – reminiscent of early Joy Division – and simmering synths create drama and push Noise onward to its climatic end.

Noise follows a vastly satisfying structure, bringing listeners down to its illusory depths before forcing them back out again.

A testament to the band’s songwriting, their array of influences seemingly schooled them on how to write an exceptionally memorable track.

Filled with hooks and moments of diversion, Noise not only illuminates the darkness, but befriends it.

With all the markings of an indie pop gem, Noise would seem at home on both Triple J rotation or amidst a Fresh Finds indie rock playlist.

It is malleable and sure, its confidence its strength. Sans Rival have honed their skills and focused their passion.

Their talent is without question, and their bond feels tangible through the layers of sound.

It’s hard to believe that Noise is a third single, not a deep cut from a sophomore album.

All this to say that Sans Rival are onto something, and Noise is just further proof that they are ready and waiting to dominate the scene.