Give the gift of self care: Happy Mag’s foolproof wellness gift guide

self care gifts

Hitting a gift bullseye is the sweetest thing there is. We’ve got you sorted with a range of bang-on, self care gifts that anyone with a pulse will enjoy.

Looking after yourself is super important. So we’ve put together a list of killer self care gifts that’ll score you major props with your loved ones (or maybe we can entice you to treat yourself instead).

There’s an abundance of goodies that’ll have you feeling fresh and fruity, but we’ve narrowed down the world of pressies to give you the cream of the crop. Consider this guide our gift to you!

Rest easy with an Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress

Credit: Emma

Nothing says self-care like a good night’s sleep, and with an Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress to lay upon, you never have to worry about late nights of tossing and turning ever again! Treat yourself, or a loved one, to a world-class slumber with this acclaimed mattress, listed at an unbeatable price. Specifically designed for back pain and temperature regulation, this mattress completely moulds to your body thanks to its adaptive comfort foam and pocket spring construction.

With their Emma Diamond Degree® patented technology and 100-night risk-free trial, it’s no surprise that these spectacular mattresses were chosen as winners in the 2022 Good Design Awards for Design Excellence. And even better yet, Emma is offering its award-winning product at 55% off during cyber weekend this year. Black Friday sales start on November 8, 2022 until November 27, 2022. Cyber Monday promotions will run from November 28, 2022 until December 5, 2022.


Add a bit of green to your self-care routine with Dope Skin Co.

dope skin co
Credit: Dope Skin Co

The stresses of life can sometimes make us feel – and look – a little less than fresh. Some people even reach for a little herbal help in these situations, but now there’s a chance to tap into the power of cannabis in a way that you may not have thought possible: by using it as a skin cream.

Dope Skin Co are an Australian based company using locally sourced, organic ingredients to create skin care products that are guaranteed to have your skin thriving.

Dope Skin Co take pride in their ethical sourcing and testing, using only vegan ingredients in their huge range of products.


Switch to a guilt-free clean routine with Tirtyl’s Home Bundle

Credit: Tirtyl

Ditch single-use plastic and indulge in a high-quality clean routine that you, and your loved ones, can feel good about! Tirtyl’s Home Bundle has you covered for all of your homeware cleaning needs. With hoards of satisfied customers singing their praises on Product Review, it’s no surprise that Tirtyl is Australia’s #1 home care shop.

With Plastic Free July right around the corner, be part of a positive change and save 20% on Tirtyl’s acclaimed home bundle which includes their universal cleaner, dishwasher tablets and laundry sheets.

In even better news, Tirtyl’s best-selling zero-waste handwash is also available! With a range of dispensers to choose from, you can customise the choice to suit yours, or your giftee’s, home.


Swap out your manky, old mattress for a brand-spanking new Eva!

Eva mattress
Credit: Eva

If you’re in the market for anew mattress, goddam you’ve timed it perfectly, because Eva are about to launch their biggest ever sale for the end of financial year, taking a whopping $200 off mattresses, plus discounts on their entire range.

This gift could be a bit more of a treat your self moment (unless you really love one of your friends). But what says self care more than pimping out your bed? Nothing. After all, we spend about a third of our lives under the covers. Plus, the old, spoof-stained mattress you’ve had for 12 years isn’t going to get you any second dates.

Luckily, Eva’s got your back, literally. Their mattresses are expertly designed to keep your body aligned as you sleep so you don’t wake up with creaky bones.

You may have heard some mattress companies raving about their 100 day trails. Well, Eva said “pffff” to that, and launched Australia’s first ever, full year, 365 day mattress and sofa trial. And if for some reason it doesn’t tickle your fancy, you’ll get your money back without a hassle and Eva will even come and collect the mattress or sofa, free of charge.


Look good, feel good, smell good, thanks to The Aussie Man

aussie man

Using all natural, vegan ingredients, The Aussie Man have your skincare routine covered with its range of Seaweed, Pineapple, Cucumber, Sea Buckthorn, White Willow Bark, and Papaya-based products.

The Aussie Man are making skincare less confusing for men, offering cleansers and moisturisers that are perfect for anybody who is still trying to decode the plethora of skincare products on the market.


Hate landfill but love to smell good? Us too. That’s why we love Zero Co

Zero Co
Credit: Zero Co

For the eco-friendly legends in your life, why not help them give single use plastics the flick with Zero Co’s range of self care gifts and cleaning products.

Zero Co offers body wash, body lotion, hand wash, deodorant, dishwashing and laundry liquid, an abundance of cleaners, shampoo, conditioner, and more, in reusable bottles that can be refilled using Zero Co’s refill packs.

All Zero Co packaging is manufactured using recycled materials, taken from landfill. So while you’re scrubbing your back with their irresistible, plant based body wash, why not give yourself a pat while you’re at it.

To sweeten the deal, in celebration of World Environment Day and World Oceans Day, if you subscribe to Zero Co on the 5th or 8th of June, you’ll receive free shipping and 10% off their products for life!


Clean your teeth and the environment simultaneously thanks to The Good Company.

The Good Company
Credit: The Good Company

Did you know that every year, un-recyclable toothpaste tubes contribute enough plastic to landfill to circle the earth’s surface twice? Yikes, hey? But thanks to the legends at The Good Company, you can give the gift of environmental sustainability with a zero-plastic alternative to toothpaste.

The Good Company’s revolutionary, dentist-approved Native Rivermint Tooth Tabs use a blend of natural ingredients that are proven to safely and effectively clean, whiten, desensitise and rebuild teeth.

They’re a no-mess alternative to toothpaste with a refreshing taste, and packaged using 100% recyclable materials. Say goodbye to plastic waste and #DitchToothpasteForGood with The Good Company.