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Sex Stories

To celebrate the gripping culmination of narrative and eroticism, we’re counting down five of the hottest NSFW stories and Reddit sex stories.

Every once in a while (probably more than we let on), us folk at Happy scour the wastelands of Reddit for treasure. And by treasure, we mean the best NSFW kinky stories we can find, of course! And what’s even better? The ones below are true sex stories from first-hand experiences!

If you’re an experienced Redditor, we don’t even have to tell you that erotica Reddit is the best kind of Reddit. And don’t lie to us, we all love a cheeky look at hookup subreddits and there’s no shame in it. In fact, you may have already heard of ‘two best friends Reddit’, or ‘erotic audio Reddit’, and even cum again Reddit posts – hell, one time we even found a thread dedicated to the worst-ever Pornhub parody titles and it wasn’t pretty. But, Lately, we discovered a sexting Reddit thread dedicated to the best sex ventures, titled “GoneWild Stories,” or (r/gonewildstories). Needless to say, it was a goldmine. On this thread, you will find the hottest NSFW confessions that Reddit has to offer.

As the thread revealed itself to us, we found narrative brilliance, dripping imagery (literally), hilarity so good that it hurt, and, of course, racy eroticism. So, if you’re in the mood, join us as we countdown some of our absolute favourites. Without further ado, here’s a sexy story or two from Reddit’s ultimate NSFW subs list. And of course, 18+ from here on out, because this is not your average Cosmopolitan erotic fiction category. It’s actually far less tame, as you’ll soon find out.

A bit about GoneWild Stories

Based on the popular NSFW image subreddit GoneWild, GoneWildStories has been in busy operation since 2010, delivering its 520k members with nothing but the sauciest content. Some of the subreddit’s most popular tags include “No Regrets” (fair), “Confessional” (obviously), and perhaps most excitably, “First Time.” But how has this gonewild stories thread stayed so successful? Well, gone wild stories has got some excellent rules to keep the content morally grounded as well as gleefully stimulating. Take rule #3 –“True Stories Only.” There’s nothing like the integrity of an honour system to get people spilling their friskiest encounters.

The gonewildstories thread also hosts monthly themed competitions, such as last month’s “Hotel Fun.” The winner gets their post pinned on the sub for a week, so there’s never been a better reason to share the smut! Let’s begin.

#5 – The older, the better

Like many posts in this spectacular Reddit dirty snap thread, this stories gone wild Reddit one wastes no time getting to the Reddit shaking orgasm action. Everyone has always wanted (or already has) fucked someone who’s a few years their senior, and at this stage, ‘Daddy’ has become one of the most basic kinks you can think of. Still, older men are hot, and with these two, we get a play-by-play of what happened in some exquisite detail. While we can’t fact check everything in this post, it goes without saying that everyone would love to be able to cum six times.

Posted by: @Violet511_

Upvotes: 481

Best line:When I led him up to my room and locked the door, he did not waste any time. He is quite tall, I’m 5’7” he is 6’3”, so I had to stand on my tiptoes to kiss him.”

#4 – Just Roommates are you?

[M]ight have [F]ucked my roommate while in quarantine
byu/Blowingbush ingonewildstories

This one is pretty pedestrian compared to most of the shocking sex stories on this thread, but you have to give it points for the Reddit two best friends happy ending. Often, roommates fall into one of two categories. It’s either a strictly no-sex relationship or fucking like rabbits. With these two, we get a rewarding progression. They went from friends, to close friends, to the uncanny valley, and, at long last, deeply intimate. The best part? They clearly both liked each other from the very beginning. ‘Reddit two best friends’ content is truly a masterpiece.

Posted by: @Blowingbush

Upvotes: 3.2k

Best line: “Niki looked at me inquisitively not expecting to have this conversation.”

#3 – Deposit taken

I [f]ace-fucked [m]y 20-year old tenant after she wrecked my wall
by ingonewildstories

This Reddit gone wild 18 one is so unbelievable that it’s not. If that makes sense… The situation is messy from the get-go, and both participants have their flaws, especially the protagonist, but the story is like cocaine in the world of sexual subreddits honestly. One line is never enough. You’ll leave this tale knowing way too much about the arduous task of repairing property damage and wondering how deep the rabbit hole goes with these troublemakers.

Posted by: [deleted]

Upvotes: 4.7k

Best line: “No, the pipes are fine, but I am very wet.”

#2 – Garden antics and marital bliss

This little number is about reconnecting with an old fuck-buddy – a tale as old as time. What makes it hotter though, is the fact that this fuck-buddy is also a bridesmaid to OP’s sister. Needless to say, with the drinking antics that occur at any wedding, OP and ‘Penny’ clearly had a lot to catch up on… a lot.

Posted by: @s0m3thingc1ever

Upvotes: 68

Best line: ” We acknowledged that we still had some unrequited feelings and attraction to one another and that lead to her asking me if I still thought about fucking her.”

#1 – Hotel Hell

[FM] Accidentally broke the hotel bed after not seeing my boyfriend for months
byu/adventuresofaTBD ingonewildstories

I know it’s longer than the entire Harry Potter book series, but this monthly-contest winner is worth every sentence. The narrative twists and turns. The protagonist is sympathetic and her counter-part is relatable. The world-building would make J. R. R. Tolkien retreat to Gollum’s cave out of respect. Best of all, the eroticism so racy and detailed you essentially feel like a fly on the wall, watching the whole ordeal go down.

Posted by: @adventuresofaTBD

Upvotes: 2.0k

Best line: “Did your parents pay for this room? One of us will need to find a way to explain this to them.”

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