The 10 best music communities on Reddit

Reddit is one hell of a rabbit hole. Billed as the ‘front page of the internet’ Reddit is the sixth most popular site in the US and 18th in the world. So yeah, it’s not an empty boast.

Essentially it’s an endless collection of forums for folks to share, mingle, and explore. So naturally there is a plethora of insanely good music related sub-reddits to sink your teeth into. From album porn to a space where indie heads or fans of Renaissance classicism can come together and collectively froth, it’s all here and it’s all gold.


Looking for a one stop shop for all the latest in music news, new tunes, and instrument porn? Go no further than these 10 best music communities on Reddit.

10. Music Battlestations

Apart from having one of the best titles on the list, Music Battlestations is the perfect place to examine, analyse and compare your studio space. From a simple bedroom set up to the most gorgeous of home studios there is a whole world of beautiful recording spaces here that will no doubt inspire you to put down that track you’ve always had in your back pocket.

Check out Music Battlestations here.

9. Turntablists

The ideal haven for anyone into mixing vinyl or who just generally loves their turntable. Redditors can share their favourite mixes or film themselves doing live mixes which is, for the record, the perfect way to wake up in the morning.

If you believe turntables are an instrument, then this is the place for you. There’s also plenty of folks inquiring about malfunctioning tables and scratchy needles etc. It’s your one stop shop for anything to do with the almighty wax spinner, check it!

Check out Turntablists here.

8. Longer Jams 

If you’re like me then you probably love jams. I, for one, can’t get enough of them. Grateful Dead, Frank Zappa, Cream, The NecksPhish. I don’t care! I just want to be transported by hours of pure artistic expression.

In fact, every day I put on a new version of The Grateful Dead’s myxolydian monster Dark Star to keep my mind consistently blown. If you’re a hardcore jam addict or you’ve never heard anything longer than 3 minutes, the Longer Jams sub-reddit is the perfect place to explore your more indulgent musical side.

Check out Longer Jams here.

7. Guitar Pedals 

While there are plenty of amazing guitar pedal networks and trading platforms on the web, none can match the scope of this particular sub-reddit. Literally anything and everything to do with guitar pedals can be found here.

Just about all the new pedals you could imagine, plus some of the most beautiful and varied pedalboards I’ve ever seen. The page could have just as easily been named Pedal Porn.

Check out Guitar Pedals here.

6. Instrument Porn

If you’re spending too much time on Pornhub then the Instrument Porn sub-reddit will almost certainly cure your addiction. Absolutely every instrument is welcome here although guitars are perhaps the most prominent.

From hand-made organs to glow in the dark, scorpion covered guitars there is just about everything you could imagine here and more. If you have a spare 10 minutes or 10 days it will be well spent indulging in Instrument Porn, and you can quote me on that.

Check Instrument Porn here.

5. Music Melting Pot

Music Melting Pot is a free for all music sharing thread posted weekly. Melting pot is the best way to describe it too. There is a veritable lexicon of underground artists sharing their sweet, sweet sounds here. All for free.

Every week thousands of people post their music and everything they are digging at the moment and the best stuff makes the thread. From ambient gems on Soundcloud to George Gershwin’s Rhapsody In Blue, there is every colour of the rainbow here for your ultimate sonic orgasm.

Check out Music Melting Pot here.

4. Boogie Music

If you like to dance, and we know you do, then the Boogie Music sub reddit has got you sorted. Full of ’80s gold and timeless grooves, everything encompasses the boogie.

There’s electro-funk, post-disco, electronic dance, acid house, and everything in between. If you think you know how to boogie then think again. You literally can’t go wrong!

Check out Boogie Music here.

3. Album Of The Day 

Album Of The Day is the perfect way to expand your tastes and listen to amazing new music. Every day there is a carefully selected new album from any genre in the world. To make it even better there is an accompanying Spotify playlist that is constantly updated with new albums from the Reddit.

From Dub step covers of Dark Side Of The Moon to rare Ray Charles albums or 12-string acoustic guitar albums. It’s wild eclectic and all of the highest quality.

Check out Album Of The Day here.

2. Indieheads

One of the largest sub-reddit on this list, Indieheads has 910k followers and covers absolutely everything to do with indie music from all around the globe. From Courtney Barnett’s new MTV Unplugged album to live daily covers of Pitchfork Festival.

They also BADBADNOTGOOD and stuff more or less on the fringe of indie but is still solid which is a very nice touch. If you like your tunes independent and hand-made, keep it locked to Indieheads.

Check out Indieheads here.

1. Album Art Porn

The crème de la crème. Album Art Porn is one of the greatest corners of the internet, full stop. Not only an amazing place if you’re interested in some of the best and most beautiful music in the world, it’s incredible just as a fan of art.

Each album cover is wholly unique in its own gorgeous way. If you wanna know how to make a beautiful album artwork, look no further than Album Art Porn.

Check out Album Art Porn here.