A Reddit user surveyed 650 psychedelic drug users, here’s what they found

Reddit user IncursivePsychonaut surveyed psychedelic drug users to give an in-depth insight into peoples’ subjective experiences taking LSD and psilocybin mushrooms.

Reddit user IncursivePsychonaut (a familiar face to LSD Reddit and shrooms Reddit) surveyed 649 psychedelic drug users to compare the similarities and differences of LSD and psilocybin (the psychoactive ingredient in magic mushrooms).

The survey results give an interesting insight into not only the effects of these substances but also people’s intentions behind taking them. Needless to say, shrooms Reddit is definitely a trip.

Magic Mushrooms
Image: Forbes

A total of 649 people, who were users of various drug-related subreddits, filled out the survey which asked users of psychedelic substances (primarily LSD and magic mushrooms) how and why they take them, what they like about the substances and how they compare the two.

The study found that 37.7% of participants preferred magic mushrooms over other psychedelics, while 42.1% prefer LSD, and about 20% couldn’t decide on a preferred substance or preferred another psychedelic substance instead. The similar number of participants who favoured either LSD or magic mushrooms make the two easier to compare.

The top reasons participants liked LSD over mushrooms were “less nausea”, “more control”, “more social”, and “more energy.” While the top reasons other participants preferred mushrooms to LSD were “more natural”, “more emotional”, “more spiritual, deeper”, and “more introspective”.


When comparing the setting in which people prefer to take psychedelics, the study showed very little differences between the two drugs, highlighting that this is mostly due to personal choice.

However, people who had taken acid were more likely to prefer a festival setting, as well as partaking in outdoor activities. Where, on the other hand, people tripping on shrooms were more likely to enjoy a chilled environment, highlighting the more sedating nature of psilocybin when compared to the more energising LSD.

The study showed that both of the substances are not only drugs to have fun with but can also help people to explore their mind or think outside the box. The differences between people’s intentions for taking each drug are only marginally different. Magic mushrooms appear to be more beneficial for healing and self-growth purposes, while LSD has more recreational value, in particular with friends.

Though in the previous areas of the study, the differences between the two substances seemed to be slim, it appears that they do have very different characteristics. LSD is classified to be the better party drug, more fun, and more energising, with better visuals. Psilocybin mushrooms are classified to be more emotional, more spiritual and induce a deeper headspace.

Though “not aimed to be scientifically correct”, this survey gives an interesting insight into a relatively large group of people’s subjective experiences with these psychedelic substances.