How musos spent money on their music in 2023

Turns out Musicians are more DIY than we thought when it comes to marketing, also turns out money talks

Two Story Melody have dropped a survey that drew responses from a 130 musicians, and DIY indie music scene spoke loud and clear.

Capturing 130 musicians’ voices from 20 global corners, the survey gives a pretty decent snap shot of the marketing and spending habits of professional musicians.

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Credit: TTM

With an overwhelming 99% proudly identifying as independent, this survey sheds light on a grassroots movement, showcasing a diverse range of genres, with folk/singer-songwriter’s leading at 25%.

When it comes to social media, Instagram and Facebook remain popular, while TikTok holds its ground on the sidelines. In the practical world of indie hustle, artists are working with limited resources, putting in less than 10 hours per week and managing tight budgets.

What stands out is a significant embrace of a DIY ethos.

Ten Takeaways from the new survey by Two Story Melody

  1. The survey checked in with 130 musicians from 20 countries, giving us a glimpse into the indie music scene on a global scale.
  2.  A whopping 99% of these artists proudly rep the indie label, showcasing a strong sense of independence in the indie music scene.
  3. The survey breaks down the indie music genres, and turns out, folk/singer-songwriter vibes are a big deal, making up 25% of these musicians’ identities.
  4. Even with TikTok on the rise, Instagram and Facebook still hold it down as the main platforms for indie musicians to share their work.
  5. Most indie artists are hustling with smaller followings, emphasizing the common grind of building their audience from scratch.
  6. Independent artists are budget-conscious with marketing, putting in less than 10 hours a week and spending less than $500 a year.
  7. Shoutout to the 54 artists putting in a solid 3.6 hours per week on the organic social media hustle. That’s commitment to connecting with their fans.
  8. The survey shows how indie artists promote themselves – submission platforms, Meta ads, and organic efforts are all part of the toolkit.
  9. Social advertising is the heavyweight champ in music marketing, with Meta ads (Facebook or Instagram) leading the pack.
  10. Artists with over 10,000 followers who invest their money in marketing, especially on Instagram, are the ones making the real moves in the indie scene.