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Say Goodbye to Financial Hassles with Thriday, purpose built to be the ultimate creatives companion.

Tired of wasting time on financial admin?

If music is your passion and your business, you want to spend more time making music than managing money, right?


…if your expenses could be automatically reconciled simply by saving a receipt.

…if unpaid invoice reminders could be sent automatically to help you get paid faster.

…If you knew how much money you owed the tax man, before getting the bill.

…If you’re bookkeeping and accounting was automated in the same platform you did your banking.

…If you could cancel 3-4 subscriptions to roll all of your financial admin into one simple platform.

It’s not too good to be true.

It’s Thriday.


Thriday automates bookkeeping, calculates taxes and shows the health of your business in real time. 

The average small business owner spends over 6 hours each week managing financial admin, with Thriday you can bring that down to 30 minutes.

Thriday is the only all-in-one financial management platform with built-in business transaction accounts and Visa Debit card.

It’s the built-in bank accounts that power the automation of the bookkeeping and accounting to make your life easier.

Never worry about financial admin or tax again! 

How does it work?

  1. Simply run your income and expenses through your Thriday business transaction accounts
  2. Save your receipts to Thriday via app upload or email

When you do this:

  • Thriday automatically reconciles and categorises your transactions,
  • accurately forecasts your tax to date,
  • and predicts your tax for the full financial year

That’s your bookkeeping and accounting automated in one place!

You can even lodge your BAS and tax from Thriday

Imagine how much time that could save you.

  • There’s nothing to set up.
  • No finance knowledge or training is required.
  • For just $29.95 /month, you can automate your financial admin in one place. 

In just minutes from now, you can: 

  • Send your first invoice 
  • Make your first payment 
  • Save your first receipt

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