Soundtoys 5.4: Your Path to Audio Excellence and Innovation

The allure of Soundtoys lies in the name; powerful, versatile and fun!

Soundtoys plug-ins are the audio worlds worst kept secret. Famously having such distinctive effects, once you know their sonic fingerprints, you’ll hear them everywhere. 

Whether it’s the shimmering, pitch-shifted tail fluttering away, Drums so blown out you can’t help but bop to or the most lush delay throws you’ve ever heard, a Soundtoys plug-in will most likely be at the heart of it all.

Founded in 1996 by the DSP engineering team that created the legendary H3000 Ultra-Harmonizer and the DSP4000 line of hardware signal processors from Eventide. 

These units were the creative plug-ins of the past, being used by engineers and producers to get that edge on all the similar sounding records of that time. 

Quite remarkable the ability to adapt with the times and stay at the forefront of creative effects in the audio world. Truly a testament to the team at Soundtoys. 


After steadily releasing new plug ins over the years, Soundtoys has recently come out with the release of their plug-in SuperPlate, a feature-rich plate reverb plug-in. 

Superplate meticulously models iconic units like the EMT 140 and EMT 240, offering three analog colouration options—Tube, Solid-State, and Clean at your fingertips. 

Alongside its vintage charm, SuperPlate includes modern digital features such as infinite decay time, pre-delay, extensive modulation controls, detailed EQ for tonal shaping, and a unique decay ducking option. 

Now included in the Soundtoys Bundle 5.4, you can use this lush and incredibly versatile reverb as a standalone VST or as a part of Effect Rack.

The Soundtoys team has excelled in crafting these plug-ins, showcasing thoughtful design and usability. They offer a seamless experience from the get-go while providing ample room for customization. 

Most importantly, they deliver outstanding sound quality. Soundtoys plug-ins have become an essential part of every production and mix here at Happy Mag, We couldn’t imagine a session without them. 

There was little not to like about previous iterations of the bundle, and version 5.4 only makes them even better, with Superplate sure to become a highlight of many plug-in folders.

Don’t miss out on their Spring sale happening now! Grab all 22 Plug ins & Effect Rack for 279 USD (Usual price 499 USD).

Head over to the Soundtoys website to learn more.