Shakira pays 12 million in fines, avoiding an 8 year jail sentence in the interim

Shakira has finally settled her ongoing tax case out of court, opting for a €7.5 million fine, easing legal tensions.

Colombian pop sensation Shakira has finallysettled a tax fraud case with Spanish prosecutors, waving goodbye to the looming legal storm.

The Grammy-winning artist, on the brink of a trial, chose a pragmatic approach, agreeing to pay a relaxed €7.5 million (AUD 12.5 million) fine, considerably less than the initially sought eight-year jail term and a hefty €23.8 million (AUD 39.7 million) fine.

shakira tax evasion 2022
Credit: Marca

Facing allegations of tax fraud amounting to €14.5 million (AUD 24.1 million), Shakira was set to endure scrutiny in a Barcelona court. Despite vehemently denying any wrongdoing, the “Hips Don’t Lie” singer opted to settle, citing the best interests of her kids as the driving force behind her decision.

In a comprehensive statement, Shakira emphasized her commitment to ethical standards in her career. She delved into the toll the prolonged legal battle took, highlighting the draining nature of such cases on high-profile individuals, including professional athletes.

The heart of the dispute revolved around Shakira’s residency status from 2012 to 2014. Prosecutors argued she resided in Spain during this period while officially claiming otherwise. Shakira countered, asserting that Spain wasn’t her primary residence during that time.

Explaining her income sources, primarily international tours until 2014, Shakira claimed the prosecutors targeted her after observing her relationship with Spanish citizen Gerard Piqué. Despite Spain being declared her tax residence in 2015, with all outstanding obligations settled by paying €17.2 million (AUD 28.6 million) in taxes, the legal saga persisted.

The couple’s announcement of separation in early June has paved the way for Shakira to focus on her children and future career opportunities, leaving the legal battle’s emotional toll behind.