Shakira calls Spanish Prosecutors out for smear campaign

Shakira is hitting back against Spanish prosecutors, calling their tactics nothing but a targeted smear campaign.

Columbian Songstress Shakira has been embroiled in a legal tax nightmare since September when a Barcelona court ordered the singer to stand trial for alleged tax crimes that date back to 2012 -2014, although a date has not yet been set.

Prosecutors are seeking an 8-year prison sentence and a $24 million fine if she’s convicted in the upcoming trial, but Shakira has lodged new legal documents proving she’s paid more than $90 mil to the U.S.

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Credit: Goal
In response to the allegations, the singer filed legal documents Friday in Spain. Shakira stated that during that period, she was not a resident of Spain, and has the receipts to prove it. According to the laws of the country, she’s required to pay taxes if she spends 183 days or more there in a single year.

Shakira says she has evidence that refutes their claims, and that during the period in question, she actually paid $10,141,075 in taxes to the U.S. government. Shakira was a coach on “The Voice” at the time and said she was not actually in Spain for the specific 18 days that made her legally required to pay tax.

She is calling out prosecutors for a violation of her privacy and calling their claims and style of approach nothing more than a smear campaign.