Leading psilocybin experts have curated a playlist for you to trip shrooms to

What music should you listen to while tripping on shrooms? Here’s some advice from experts on psychedelics.

If you’ve ever tripped mushrooms, you probably spent some time either listening to music, or fantasising about what you wish you were listening to. Maybe you even imagined the perfect music.

Sure, there’s a lot of other fun things to do on shrooms. You can try having sex on shrooms, or look for movies to watch on shroom, while you ponder how long for shrooms to kick in. But nothing quite beats that magic playlist, to ensure you get the ultimate shrooms experience!

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However your experience goes down, music on mushrooms is really quite special…or so we’ve heard (cough cough). In fact, there’s some intrinsic link between the feeling of tripping and the euphoria music is capable of delivering. It’s such a pertinent connection that Dr. William Richards of Johns Hopkins University fully explored it in his book Sacred Knowledge: Psychedelics and Religious Experiences.

Dr. Richards conducts his work in the Roland Griffiths lab, a world leader in experimental psilocybin treatment. In the drug’s medicinal benefits for patients suffering from cancer, anxiety and depression, he has spent some time putting together a playlist of tunes specifically for those tripping on shrooms.

“I make the best musical choices I can, trying to separate the ‘very good’ and the ‘excellent’ on the basis of years of experience with many different people,” Richards told Inverse.

Largely, the playlist comes as a surprise. Rather than the acid house, psytrance or psychedelic rock you’d expect to find, Richards falls back on mostly classical music. Until the final phase that is, when the patient would be returning to their normal consciousness. Here The Beatles, Enya, and Louis Armstrong all make an appearance. Make sure you add it to your list of things to do while shrooming!

Listen to the ultimate shrooms playlist below.