Study reveals that magic mushrooms may be an effective treatment for depression

London’s Imperial College has conducted a small-scale study that had concluded that psilocybin, the compound found in magic mushrooms, may be able to be used in the treatment of depression.

Magic mushrooms are the best. Everybody knows it and know it seems, beyond all belief, they are getting even better.

Six males and six females, who found no luck with previous standard depression treatments like cognitive behavioural  therapy or medication, took part in the trial. It consisted of them being administered two doses (seven days apart) of psilocybin. After being closely monitored throughout the process, seven of the twelve patients showed a positive response to the drug, with five of these patients showing improvement for a period of time after the trial.

Patients reported that the treatment gave them a different perspective on the world. There are no specific details into what they actually saw differently…maybe they just had a huge trip and saw a shit load of swirls and colours that made them feel happy? Either way, it seems to be a step forward in the treatment of mental illness which can only be taken as a positive.

Lead researcher of the trial Robin Carhart-Harris says that while the results are positive, people shouldn’t get too carried away with the idea of essentially bring treated by shrooms. “This isn’t a magic bullet. We’re just learning how to do this treatment.”