A man tried to inject magic mushrooms, and they started to grow in his blood

Ever wondered what would happen if you tried to inject magic mushrooms directly into your bloodstream? We’ll give you a hint: it’s not going to end well.

A prodigy of science, dubbed “Mr. X” for anonymity’s sake, had a go at injecting magic mushrooms by making a “tea” from the substance. His little experiment had interesting results to say the least, as he was quickly rushed to hospital after the injection.

Apparently, fungus had started to grow in his veins and as a result, Mr. X was experiencing jaundice, nausea, diarrhoea, extreme confusion, an elevated heart rate, and septic shock.

Magic Mushrooms
Credit: Getty Images

He was also vomiting blood, suffering from an acute liver injury, and experiencing organ failure, including his kidneys and lungs.

He was originally taken to hospital because his parents noticed that he seemed pretty confused, and it’s no wonder why. In the state that Mr X was in, it would be more of a surprise if he understood anything that was going on.

Mr X’s family reported that he suffers from bipolar disorder type I and was taking part in a study on micro-dosing, hence how he got his hands on the magic mushrooms in the first place.

The man opted to make a tea from the substance, which isn’t an uncommon method for consuming mushrooms, except most people drink the tea instead of injecting it.

So if your cooked mate ever suggests injecting shrooms, politely recommend that they keep that shit well away from their bloodstream.