Bam Margera celebrates finishing one year of substance abuse treatment

Professional skater and former Jackass cast member Bam Margera is celebrating after completing a year of substance abuse treatment.

It’s been a trying year for Bam Margera since he was booted from Jackass Forever in February 2021, but things are looking up with Bam’s announcement that he has successfully completed a full year of treatment for substance abuse.

The skater jumped on Instagram to celebrate the feat, posting a video with his wife and four-year-old son, Phoenix, as well as a black and white photo of himself, holding out his palm with “1 year” written on it.

Bam Margera
Credit: Dr Phil

In an interview with TMZ, Bam said that his wife, Nikki, and their son have moved into his home in Boca Raton to live nearby the treatment centre where he’ll continue to attend classes.

The former Jackass star seems genuinely happy in the video with his family which is fantastic to see considering he has been battling mental illness since he was fired from the show.


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As recently as September, Bam was arrested at a Tampa Bay casino for “acting out of control,” and taken back to rehab as a result.

The 42-year-old said he plans on moving to southern California in the future to spend some time working with sober skaters on future projects.

Hopefully he can patch things up with his former Jackass co-stars after reaching a settlement on the lawsuit he filed against them for unlawfully firing him from the show, because we would love to see him back for the new Paramount+ Jackass series.


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