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Did Bam Magera’s brother just leak a new ‘Tony Hawk’ game?

A new Tony Hawk game could be revealed soon after the drummer of CKY inadvertently revealed that the band features on its soundtrack.

Jess Magera, the brother of Jackass star, Bam Magera, may have accidentally leaked an upcoming Tony Hawk game. During a recent episode of the Behind Closed Doors podcast, Jess Magera discussed with the host ways for bands to maximise revenue, which led to him mentioning more than his NDA may have allowed.

Things begin to unfold after Jess Magera told the host, “Now touring is your main income, and you really have to try and get licensing deals, try and get in where you can on video games or whatever, because that’s another way to make some money.”

Image: Neversoft via Shack News

The Host responds to Jess by saying, “You guys were on at least one of the Tony Hawk games, weren’t you?” To which Jess Magera replied, “Yeah, and I believe we’re doing the new one coming out too.”


Jess Magera went on to sing his praises for the remaster of Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 & 2whilst blissfully unaware he may have just mistakenly leaked a highly confidential upcoming project.

Surprisingly, musicians leaking Tony Hawk’s games are nothing new. Punk group, The Death Set, jumped the gun and announced on their Facebook page that they had just licensed five songs for the “Tony Hawk 2020 game” well before the public knew of the project’s existence.

Now, this could be an unfortunate repeated incident, or someone in the Tony Hawk marketing team is having fun with some guerrilla advertisement tactics. We have no idea which it is, but we do know for certain we’re keen to stick some gnarly kickflips whilst listening to some nostalgic ’90s tunes.

This information was miraculously first spotted by a VGC reporter. I say miraculously because the podcast is only viewable on YouTube, and their channel has 37 subscribers at the time of publication.