Rollerdrome: Tips, tricks and hints to get you skating (and shooting) like a pro

Rollerdrome has a frenetic energy that can intimidate. This beginner’s guide will provide some helpful tips and tricks so that you can dominate the competition.

Rollerdrome is the brand new game from OlliOlli developer Roll7. It combines the addictive learning curve of a Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater title with the chaotic shooter vibe of a modern battle royal game. However, make no mistake about it: this game possesses the potential to frustrate.

Rollerdrome‘s dual-pronged gameplay loop, while undeniably rewarding, can be a lot. Gamers that struggle to multitask may find themselves torn between trying to achieve certain objectives and survival. Oh, and before we forget, each level is timed, to make matters just a little more stressful.

With that in mind, it is helpful to approach the game with a patient and philosophical disposition. Don’t expect to gracefully enter into the bloody fray and come out victorious – go into each new course prepared to learn.

Rollerdrome gameplay overview

Let’s start this off with a brief overview of what Rollerdrome is all about. In the near future, the world is run by giant corporations that don’t give a shit about humanity. There is a popular ‘sport’, of which you are a new participant in, where you must kill House Players, while roller-skating with style. That’s pretty much it, at least from a narrative perspective.

After a short tutorial, where you are taught the basics, you enter into the game’s campaign. To progress you must survive each course while simultaneously completing as many challenges as possible. These challenges range from performing specific tricks to gathering large points totals.

rollerdrome combo
Image: Rollerdrome / Roll7

The Rollerdrome campaign is split into Opening Stages, Quarters, Semis and a Final. There are multiple levels in each section, and to get to the next one all you have to do is kill all the House Players. To progress to the next section (along with its difficulty spike) you must complete a total number of challenges from the prior levels.

For example, to progress to the Rollerdrome Quarters you must complete 25/40 challenges from the first four stages. There are 10 challenges per course. With that in mind, let’s get to the actual Rollerdrome guide.

rollerdome challenge menu
Image: Rollerdrome / Roll7

Learn each Rollerdrome course

The first thing you need to do in Rollerdrome is become acquainted with the level. For your initial run don’t focus on time, challenges or points too much. Pay attention to the layout of the course, where combo and trick tokens are, and what kind of enemies are around.

rollerdrome snow level
Image: Rollerdrome / Roll 7

Find each enemy’s weakness

There are numerous types of Rollerdrome enemies, each with their own set of strengths and weaknesses. Whenever you come across a new variety experiment with different weapons and pay attention to their attack patterns.

For example, POLYBEAMS will teleport away to safety after being attacked, unless you stagger them with continuous hits. Therefore, the dual pistols are a good choice as the constant pressure keeps them pinned down and unable to escape. If you keep this in mind, you’ll develop strategies for each enemy class.

hyperbeam weakness
Image: Rollerdrome / Roll7

Be challenge orientated

Progress in Rollerdrome is locked behind challenges, so you’ll need to get into the habit of focusing on them. Many challenges are straightforward but difficult (a high points total), others just require you to be conscious that they are a challenge (performing a trick somewhere specific).

If you are struggling to progress, take a step back, have another look at the list of challenges, and go in with that as your sole goal. You’ll be surprised how simple, and rewarding, the game is when you break it down.

rollerdrome challenges
Image: Rollerdrome / Roll7

Do tricks…constantly

Multitasking is a critical part of Rollerdrome, and you should be performing tricks all the time to keep your weapons fully-loaded. This is sometimes easier said than done, as enemies will constantly try to shoot you out of the air. Nonetheless, practice dodging out of tricks when targeted, and then getting right back to it. This will also keep your points total ticking over.

Players should also take full advantage of Reflex Time, which slows down time to help you dodge and aim.

rollerdrome tricks guide
Image: Rollerdrome / Roll7

Combos are king (but a little unintuitive)

If you thought combos were about tricks you’d only be half right. To increase your combo multiplier you actually need to kill House Players, generally in quick succession. Once you have a solid multiplier active (the big number in the middle right of the screen), that’s when you should start thinking about going for broke with tricks.

Still, Rollerdrome will punish you if you stop killing enemies, so success is all about finding the right balance between dishing out death and sick stunts. And the truth is, once you start having fun you’re probably already doing it right.

No more Rollerdome tips and hints?

We are yet to complete Rollerdrome, but as we progress to the final we’ll update this page with more hints, tips and tricks. Until then we wish you good luck!

Rollerdrome is out now on PS5, PS4 and PC.