Need some FX in your life? We’re giving away Arturia’s FX Collection 3

Arturia doesn’t just make incredible emulations of vintage synths and keyboards, they also make audio effects. We’ve got the complete FX Collection 3 to giveaway.

Want to add some audio effects both of the technical and creative ilk to your music productions? Arturia’s FX Collection 3 features 26 very usable audio effects that we’ve recently had the pleasure of exploring.

This bundle has creative sound-shaping tools, emulations of rare and hard-to-find distortions, classic reverbs and delays, preamps that are not over-emulated, and EQs and compressors that don’t often see themselves recreated in the software world.

If you are making music of any genre this FX Collection 3 will be a huge boost to your stockpile. Lets walk through some highlights and how you can score the bundle for free!

plugin fx

We recently made a video on this third iteration of the FX collection, focusing on the 4 new additions inside, The Distortion Tube-Culture, Distortion OpAmp-21, Tape Mello-Fi and the Efx Fragments. Familiar or not with your music tech, you might have guessed a few of the new kids on the block from the slightly ambiguous names.

The two distortion plugins are emulations of the Culture Vulture by Thermionic Culture and the SansAmp Classic Pedal by Tech21. While these have been modelled a couple of times before, never with this much depth or attention to detail. Plus Arturia’s advanced tab really opens up the possibilities.

The Tape Mello-Fi sits in its own territory as it’s a preamp and tape plugin modelled off a Mellotron, but with extra features like Drive, Tone, Noises from the machine, and a variable tape stop function. This one was very cool to play with on a soft synth and make it wobble then automate a tape stop.

This imagined plugin is what a preamp section from a Mellotron might be. You’ll love this, but I’m warning you, you might overuse it!

The Efx Fragments is a new beast, and a beast it is. But if you like your delays and spaces to be wild and uncontrolled (read: organised chaos) then this plugin is for you. Arturia call it a creative sound reshaper and as broad as that term is, you’ll understand when you dive in and play.

The rest of the collection is all you would want to either get a song started or finish a mix. Kudos to Arturia for making a collection of refreshing and creative recreations — all with the ability to dive in and tweak to your heart’s content!

How can you win the Arturia FX Collection 3?

To enter, email [email protected] with ‘FX Collection 3’ in the subject line. A winner will be randomly drawn and contacted on Sept 15th!

Please note: only Australian residents will be considered for the giveaway.

To check out the FX Collection 3, head over to Arturia’s website.