Koala Audio – the gods of all things pro audio have dropped a massive EOFY sale

Take advantage of the killer Pro Audio deals at Koala Audio’s EOFY sale

Koala Audio’s EOFY sale is an opportunity to turn your studio space from drab to fab without drainin’ your wallet.

These guys are the real deal when it comes to all things audio-visual. Whether you’re a musician seeking pro audio upgrades, gear for your next shoot, or keen to set up a video conferencing system for those remote collabs, Koala Audio has something to offer. 

pro audio sale koala audio eofy 2024

Score Killer Studio Furniture

This EOFY sale is all about transforming your studio into a sonic sanctuary. They’ve got a sweet selection of studio furniture from Zaor and Wavebone, designed to make your workflow smoother and your backside comfier. Think ergonomic mixing desks and stylish seating that’ll make you wanna crank out those tracks all day.

koala studio desks eofy sale


Zaor builds high-end studio desks that are comfy, built to last, and reduce unwanted noise. They offer a range of desks in different sizes and styles to suit the needs of different studios and budgets, and some of their most popular models include the Miza series, Maestro series, and Onda series. Like we said – something for everyone.

wavebone sale koala audio



Wavebone‘s studio furniture isn’t just about affordability (though that sweet price tag is a major plus). These desks rock a sleek, modern design that’ll transform your studio into a minimalist masterpiece. And don’t worry about comfort being sacrificed for style – Wavebone prioritises ergonomics with adjustable features, keeping you in the zone for hours on end. 

Plus, they’ve got all the functionality you need to keep your workflow smooth, like built-in cable management and storage solutions.

Whether you’ve got a shoebox-sized studio or a sprawling sonic sanctuary, both Zaor and Wavebone offer a variety of desk sizes to fit your space perfectly.

analogue cases koala audio

Keep Your Gear Safe and Sound

No point in having top-notch equipment if it gets trashed on the road or lost in the studio abyss. That’s where Analog Cases come in. These bad boys are included in the sale and are built to keep your precious gear safe as houses, whether you’re traversing the globe or just tidying up your studio.

Additionally, they carry soundproofing materials, and a wide range of music technology equipment.

Plus, they’re software slingers with a digital library overflowing with plugins from the big names (FabFilter, Antares, SSL) and you can find a treasure trove of DAWs, mics, headphones, and audio interfaces in-store –  essential tools for musicians and producers. 

plugins sale koala audio

While their showroom operates by appointment only, you can still experience the magic online! Browse their incredible selection of gear – Koala even delivers Australia-wide and offers on-site consultations. 

The EOFY sale is your chance to pimp your studio without breaking the bank. With Koala Audio, you’re not just buying equipment, you’re investing in making your creative space a place where inspiration flows freely. 

Head here to check out their EOFY collection.