Engineering The Sound: Sonsig ACE

After loving Relab’s Sonsig Rev-A, we were eager to try the Sonsig ACE, a top-tier modulation plug-in for mix engineers seeking unparalleled width & depth

Known as the “Swiss-army knife” of dimensional effects, this advanced expander opens up a whole new sonic realm with its impressive 12-in-1 versatility.

Imagine adding a Chorus effect to your low-end tracks for that wide, immersive sound. It’s perfect… until you sum to mono and lose all your low-end clarity. This problem kept me from using chorus on bass for ages.

After my positive experience with Sonsig Rev-A from Relab, I approached the ACE with optimism. Once I tried it, I was instantly blown away by its warmth and immersiveness on a guitar line.

But the ultimate test was a sub bass, and ACE delivered everything I love about chorus without compromising clarity in mono. It was astounding.

sonsig ace review happy mag

What’s the secret? ACE’s proprietary modulation technology with six custom LFOs creates such natural movement, like nothing else I’ve heard before.

The interface is a creative playground, featuring VOICES for routing and COLOUR settings for filter tweaks. The multi-engine architecture offers everything from subtle width to total transformations.

sonsig ace review happy mag

With its unique multi-voice, dual-engine design and proprietary ACE modulation technology, ACE allows users to sculpt lush, immersive soundscapes effortlessly.

This tool provides the richest, most complex ensemble-type dimensional expansion, making it a standout in any mix engineer’s arsenal.

sonsig ace review happy mag

Sonsig ACE has become my go-to Chorus in every session. It’s a game-changer, and at just $79 during the intro period, it’s a steal.

Head over to Relab Development for more info.