Tony Hawk collabs with Hot Wheels on a new fingerboard.

Legendary skater Tony Hawk has teamed up with Hot Wheels on a new fingerboard that is built for all levels of experience, beginners and pro’s alike.

Tony Hawk, known best for being the most famous skateboarder of all time, is not afraid of a collab or two, think Amusement park rides at Six Flags,  the universally loved Pro Skater video game, or the Youtube channel Ride Channel just for starters.

Retired in 2003, he is showing no signs of slowing down, and a new announcement sees the ex-pro skater partnering up with Hot Wheels to bring a new fingerboard to the masses.

Fingerboarding, found its early start as little more than a fancy key chain accessory stocked at the local surf store. Due thanks have to be given to Lance Mountain, who is cited as being the first to create the miniature skateboards out of cardboard in the mid-’80s. Mountain helped to cement the miniature skateboards in youth culture, to become one of the most unlikely cultural phenomenons of our time. Fingerboards have virtually outlived every other fad that came before it, and most likely will come after. 

hawk fingerboard

Credit: MattelHot Wheels fingerboards are designed with matching playsets, ramps, and other skate park elements for the fingerboard enthusiast to hone their fingerboarding skills. Kits include beginner sets that have the addition of a clip-on  “skate shoe” that clip to the boards, making them easy for kids of all ages to use.

Hawk, shared with CNN that he’s most excited about the fact that the line is suitable for fingerboards of all skill sets. “I loved the direction they had because it was more for all skill types,” he said. “Also just their creative team is so amazing. So the playsets that they have are really fun, and irreverent. And so it just seemed like a really cool angle and take on on fingerboarding as a whole.”

Hawk champions the holistic nature of skateboarding, citing its ability to be inclusive, in bringing people together “I feel like skateboarding is the great equalizer, anyone is invited to jump in. You’re only judged by your skating and not by your background. And uniqueness is key — uniqueness is welcome.”

To celebrate the launch of the line, Hawk is releasing the Tony Hawk x Hot Wheels Skate Wildfire Freestyle Deck + Fingerboard for $350.00.