“High Valyrian” the Dragon language from Game of Thrones is now a legit language course

Duolingo has created a course for “High Valyrian” the Dragon language from Game of Thrones is now a legit language course.

Duolingo, a certified online language school, has some very unique languages on offer. From Star Treks own Klingon, to Esperanto, the language invented by L.L. Zamenhof in 1887,  the universal second language for international communication – of which there are currently over 2 million speakers worldwide. 

The latest course offering is none other than High Valyrian, the magical dragon language from the cult HBO TV sensation Game of Thrones. Spoken by the “Mother of Dragons,” Daenerys Targaryen, the language course was created by David Peterson, in partnership with HBO in time for the spin-off prequel series.

High Valyrian
Credit: GOTFandom

Peterson’s contributions to language, include inventing fictional languages for the Thor films, Dune, and his most recent collaboration with George R. R. Martin. 

Starting with two phrases “all men must die,” and “all men must serve” Peterson went on to create more than 2,000 words. Which looks  set to expand, as recently more than 150 additional words were included in the recent update to the course. (It’s one of the smaller courses that you can study)

He said of the language, which he set out specifically for the Duolingo course, “It’s a different sort of experience learning a language that was invented a few years ago, and fans of the show or books will surely delight in it.”